At Brookside Primary School, we aim to ensure that pupils are happy and excited about living and learning in a community full of difference and diversity.

To ensure that our children are taught to live out these values, the school has adopted the 'No Outsiders in Our School' text based approach, through which our children learn about equality and diversity. This is one aspect of how we teach children about equality and diversity through the curriculum.


What is ‘No Outsiders’ about?

• Teaching children to respect and accept difference and diversity

• Using the Equality Act 2010 as a solid foundation

• Taking a proactive approach to bullying

• Reducing potential for radicalisation

• Preparing children for life in Modern Britain

• Teaching “British Values”


How is it taught?

• 35 picture books: 5 in each year group from EYFS (Reception) to Year 6

• Picture books deal with all equalities in the Equality Act 2010

• Each characteristic is taught in context with British Law

• Creates and develops a whole school ethos


'No Outsiders in Our School' Overview

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