The life and art of Henri Matisse

Year 3 have been learning about both local artists and more established artists from long previous Centuries.

Here is some work about French artist Henri Matisse.

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Maps of our school grounds.

In Year 1 we created symbols and labels to make a map of our school grounds. 

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Our chair design.

In Year 1 we designed a new chair for baby bear. 

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Designing and making a new chair for baby bear.

In Year 1 we designed and made a new chair for baby bear as Goldilocks had broken his!

These are the finished chairs for baby bear. We tested out how strong they were. 

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In Year 1 we looked at the old Brookside School and compared it with our new school. 


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Portraits in a sketchbook

In Year 1 we have been exploring portraits through drawing and painting.

We compared our work to other artists such as Modigliani. 

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Year 1 have been creating portraits using drawing, painting and collage skills.

The children gave themselves a hat for the season in which they were born. 

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Bee Bots

In Year 1 we explored programming bee bots, giving directions to make them move around the map. 

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Year 2 - Computing (Coding)

Year 2 are learning to understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs such as Espresso Coding on digital devices.  Pupils are developing a knowledge of how to use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.  Pupils are also developing their mouse skills to…

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One Kind Word

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, children in Year 4 have being exploring how 'One Kind Word' can make someone smile. 


We explored the different words and phrases we could use to make someone's as well as small little gestures.   



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Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

Today, in Science, we looked at our own teeth and then created our own scientific models using marshmallows.  Children then labelled the type of teeth and stated what the function of each. 


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Y2 Remembrance Day (R.E)

Here are Cody, Lily and Harsith with their completed Poppies.  

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