Y2 - DT

Image of Y2 - DT

Year 2 have been learning how to create a fairground wheel using axles and pivots.

Knowledge: I can create joints and structures from paper/card and tape.

Skills: I can choose materials that will create strength for my structure.

Vocab: pivot, axle, rotation, stability

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Year 1 Computing

Image of Year 1 Computing
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Year 1 Class visitor

Image of Year 1 Class visitor
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'The Worshipful The Mayor of Ellesmere Port' visits Year 4

Image of 'The Worshipful The Mayor of Ellesmere Port' visits Year 4

Yesterday, the children in Year 4 had a visit from The Mayor, Cllr Paul Donavan. 

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Year 1 Art

Image of Year 1 Art
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Y2 - Design and Technology

Image of Y2 - Design and Technology

Year 2 have been exploring the component parts of  a Ferris wheel.

Knowledge: to build and test a moving wheel.

Skills|: to make my wheel rotate; to make it stable.

Vocab: structure, stable, rotate

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Year 5’s Scientific Eye Test

Image of Year 5’s Scientific Eye Test

In science, Year 5 had the chance to test their eye sight.
Children tested their vision at a 1 meter distance and 3 meter.  

The purpose of this experiment was to explore how human’s eyesight degrades over time 

Science KS2

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Year 1 PSHE

Image of Year 1 PSHE
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We have more pyramids than Egypt!

Image of We have more pyramids than Egypt!

Year 3 explore properties of 3 d shapes.

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World in a Bottle

Image of World in a Bottle

The Nursery children collected natural objects outside, then arranged them in their sticky bottles to make beautiful collages.

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One Is A Snail

Image of One Is A Snail

The Nursery children have been reading 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab' and discussing how many feet different creatures have.

 They then made footprints with paint, counting the footprints as they walked.

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Y2 - Maths

Image of Y2 - Maths

We have been revisiting addition and subtraction problem solving using our knowledge of number bonds to 100.

Knowledge: use number bonds to 100 

Skills: use the inverse to check my calculations

Vocab: inverse, number bonds


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