Y2 - Online Safety

Image of Y2 - Online Safety

Year 2 have been looking at how to be kind online.  They have explored different scenarios and discussed the importance of telling a responsible adult if they feel uncomfortable online.

Knowledge: Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school.


Skills: I can identify…

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Year 5's Chester Zoo Workshop

Image of Year 5's Chester Zoo Workshop

Year 5 students had a unique opportunity to learn about UK native animals through an engaging workshop at school conducted by Ashley from Chester Zoo. This educational visit is part of Chester Zoo's outreach initiatives, which aim to inspire and educate young minds about wildlife conservation and…

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Y2 - History

Image of Y2 - History

Year 2 have been learning about significant kings - William the Conqueror and King Charles III


Knowledge: To identify features of a castle that would be effective when defending against attacks.


  • I can sequence castles on a timeline.
  • I can describe how castles have…
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Year 5 and The Paperbag Prince

Image of Year 5 and The Paperbag Prince


This half term in our literacy sessions Year 5 has been reading "The Paperbag Prince".

In the enchanting world of children's literature, Colin Thompson's "The Paper Bag Prince" stands out as a powerful tribute to the rejuvenating force of nature. The story revolves around an unlikely…

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Nursery Counting

Image of Nursery Counting

The Nursery children are working on making and counting sets, and recognising and sequencing numerals to 5. We sang number rhymes together and then did lots of activities around the class such as number puzzles and counting candles on playdough cakes.

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Year 5 and Chrome's Music Maker

Image of Year 5 and Chrome's Music Maker

Year 5 students have embarked on a creative journey with Chrome Music Maker, a free online tool for music creation.

They’ve learned about musical loops, a short piece of music that repeats indefinitely, and used a variety of instruments to create their own. The project encouraged collaboration,…

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Using Google Earth to explore a timelapse

Image of Using Google Earth to explore a timelapse

Year 5 students recently embarked on a digital expedition with Google Earth’s Timelapse feature to witness the profound effects of climate change. This powerful tool allowed them to see the Earth’s surface changes over time, revealing the stark reality of environmental transformations. From the…

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Year 5's Body Percussion

Image of Year 5's Body Percussion

Year 5 explored the concept of looping in music through the engaging medium of body percussion. They learned to create sounds using their hands, feet, and bodies and then looped these sounds to form rhythmic patterns.

By layering these loops in groups, they composed intricate musical pieces.…

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Year 1 Orienteering

Image of Year 1 Orienteering
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Editing photos

Image of Editing photos

Year 3 have been learning to edit photos on the computer. We started by taking photos of our orienteering course before editing the pictures with a variety of tools. 

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Finding fractions

Image of Finding fractions

Year 3 have been working practically to find out 2/3, 3/4, 5/8

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Safety Seymour

Image of Safety Seymour

Year 3 received a visit from Safety Seymour, a superhero bear from outer space on a mission to teach children and their families about carbon monoxide (CO) and how to protect ourselves, making homes safer.  

Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous and can make you very ill. You can’t see it, hear…

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