Bikeability Y6

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Well done Y6 - you have all had a fantastic week of learning how to stay safe while riding your bikes on our busy roads. You learnt lots of new knowledge about road safety and also practiced and enhanced your riding abilities.

The instructors were all very impressed with…

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Y6 Fractions

Image of Y6 Fractions

Some practical Y6 Maths Fraction work!


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Y6 Waistcoats

Image of Y6 Waistcoats

Well done Y6.


We have had a great week designing, assembling, sewing and decorating our brilliant waistcoats!


Lots of new skills learnt and great teamwork.


We even had time for our own Y6 fashion show!


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Y6 Safety Central

Image of Y6 Safety Central

Well done Year 6  - a fascinating day of learning how to stay safe in such a wide variety of ways.

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Y6 Electricity

Image of Y6 Electricity

We had lots of fun creating circuits and testing out our predictions. Our topic this half-term is "Staying Safe" - so we also discussed the dangers of electricity - this will be embedded further next week on our 'Safety Central' Workshop.


The national curriculum objectives covered:

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Y6 Maths Challenge

Image of Y6 Maths Challenge

Well done Year 6 - Whitby High School hosted our Year 6 children this morning with a fabulous Maths workshop. Well done everybody !


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Y6 Computing Animation

Image of Y6 Computing Animation

In computing this week, Y6 were challenged to create their very own Water Cycle animation. We looked at 'slideshow' transitions, motion paths and even presentation tools. We have attached one of our examples.


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Y6 Healthy Me

Image of Y6 Healthy Me

Wow! Thank you Year 6 for such brilliant learning logs. You were challenged to reflect upon 'Healthy Me'. We considered healthy food options, the importance of exercise and the functions of the heart. Great job!



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Y6 Online Safety

Image of Y6 Online Safety

Well done Y6!

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Y6 Keeping Healthy

Image of Y6 Keeping Healthy

This week, Y6 have been looking at keeping healthy. In particular we have focussed on diet, exercise and the structures and functions of the heart.


We can describe the effects of exercise on the body.

We identified the key food groups and looked at which ones should not make up a large…

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Y6 Information Posters

Image of Y6 Information Posters

Well done Y6

Here is a selection of our computer posters from our recent trip to Port Sunlight.


Objectives covered:

LITERACY: I can start some sentences with 'verbs'.

ONLINE SAFETY: I can use search technologies safely and effectively.

COMPUTING: I can confidently format text…

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Y6 Church Visit

Image of Y6 Church Visit

Y6 spent a lovely afternoon with the Reverend Dutton in St John's Church.

His question and answer session was so very informative. The Y6 children behaved respectfully and asked some really thoughtful questions. Very enlightening! 


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