Y6 Computer Coding

Image of Y6 Computer Coding

This week, Y6 have been completing their coding task. 

In earlier ‘block coding’ lessons, the children learn simple inputs and buttons and instructions. Our more advanced coders this week have been introduced to ‘variables’ , repetition and loops, speed, direction, co-ordinates and even…

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Y6 Orienteering at Chester Zoo!

Image of Y6 Orienteering at Chester Zoo!

4 of our fantastic Y6 children went on an orienteering adventure today to Chester Zoo. Well done to you all - you worked as a team to 'map-read' around the zoo to find hidden clues. We managed to complete the course in the 3rd fastest time which is a fantastic achievement! 

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Y6 Cultural Capital - Lady Lever Art Gallery

Image of Y6 Cultural Capital - Lady Lever Art Gallery

Y6 enjoyed their 'Cultural Capital' adventure to Port Sunlight this week. As part of our art unit on 'sculptures' we enjoyed the opportunity to look at the rich cultural heritage on our doorstep!

Well done Y6 - I can confidently say that you were all engaged, enthused and a credit to the…

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Y6 3D Art

Image of Y6 3D Art

In art, Y6 used their creative imaginations to plan and develop a ‘memory museum’ box.

We developed our ‘sculpting’ technique and looked at 2D and 3D art.

Finally, we ‘assembled’ our sculptures and art techniques to make a truly unique memory box!

Well done!

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Y6 Online Safety - SMART

We have been looking at a very important topic with Y6 this week: online safety awareness, specifically addressing the dangers associated with social media.

At Brookside Primary School we understand the significance of educating our students about online safety and promoting responsible…

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Y6 help Reception plan their trip!

Image of Y6 help Reception plan their trip!

Year 6 had a  wonderful morning helping the Reception  children prepare for their visit to Greenacre's Farm. We prepared Powerpoints and studied the website. It was really lovely to see the older children supporting the younger pupils with their learning!


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Image of Y6 SATS

Dear Y6,

I would like to take a moment to congratulate you on completing your SATs tests this week. You have all worked incredibly hard, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We are all very proud of you, and your accomplishments are a testament to your dedication and perseverance.


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Y6: hop, skip and jump for charity

Image of Y6: hop, skip and jump for charity

Well done Y6 - despite the weather, we managed to get out of the classroom to 'hop, skip and jump' our way round our daily mile just before Easter for a very important local cause, raising money through sponsorship for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. Thank you for your efforts!

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Y6 Online Safety - Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Image of Y6 Online Safety - Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Y6 have examined how the media play a powerful role in shaping ideas about girls and boys.

We discussed gender discrimination and how the media have an important responsibility to avoid promoting stereotypical messages.


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Y6 Google Earth Computing Project

Image of Y6 Google Earth Computing Project

Year 6 were given the task of creating their own 'Virtual Tour' of the Galapagos.

We 'created paths', 'dropped pins' and made our tour 'interactive' . . . . you too can now take a tour of the Galapagos from the comfort of your own home!


Click below to view one of our virtual tours!

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Birkenhead Park Y6

Image of Birkenhead Park Y6


As part of our ‘Design and Technology’ unit (Making Playgrounds) and in the interest of ‘Cultural Capital’ – Year 6 visited the historic ‘Birkenhead Park’. 



A Brief History of Birkenhead Park


Print representing a crowd from the Victorian period in front of the Grand Entrance

On Easter Monday, Birkenhead Park was officially opened by Lord Morpeth…

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Y6 Science - Evolution, Adaptation and Inheritance

Image of Y6 Science - Evolution, Adaptation and Inheritance

We have had great fun this week in Year  6 learning about Evolution, Inheritance and Adaptation.

We have played games and simulated experiments in order to prove (or disprove) our own hypotheses and predictions.

We have played:

Camo-creature - a game which shows how animals have adapted…

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