At Brookside Primary School, the safeguarding and overall welfare of our children is our highest priority. 


We continually work to create a positive culture and ethos where safeguarding is an important part of everyday life in our school, backed up by training at every level.

We have established and we maintain an environment where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk without coercion and are listened to.  We ensure children know that if they are worried they can talk to adults in the school.


We have created a culture of vigilance where:

* children’s welfare is promoted

abusive or inappropriate behaviour is challenged

timely and appropriate safeguarding action is taken for children who need extra help or who may be suffering or likely to suffer harm


We have a very effective Pastoral Team who are always on hand to support children in our school. Their responsibilities include looking after children’s mental health, well-being and emotional needs.

Please use the links to on the left menu to view our school policies and guidance for parents in relation to safeguarding issues.








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