If you or one of your friends are getting bullied, you need to put a stop to it.


It can make people very upset and it can be very offensive.


Bullying isn’t where you fall out with your friend one day and then the next day you’re friends again: it’s where it’s happening day in day out.

Nobody deserves to be treated like this!!!


Types of Bullying

·   Name calling

·   Threatening

·   Hitting, Kicking, biting, scratching, pushing or tripping someone up on purpose

·   Ignoring someone, leaving them out, or not allowing them to play a game.

·   Spreading rumours, talking about you or saying nasty things.

·   Being racist, homophobic or sexist.


What can you do?

There are lots of people to help stop bullying, teachers, youth workers, parent/carers and other adults.

·   Never put yourself in danger, if you see someone fighting or arguing never step in to help, but go and get help.

·   Don’t stand and watch, as this just encourages the bully. 

·   Tell the bully 'this is not okay' then get help

·   Talk to the person you saw being bullied, check that they are ok and show them that you care.


What can you do about it at our school?

At our school we have a lot of ways to stop bullying. You can talk to our Pastoral  Team, Mrs Woods and Miss Moore; any teachers or teaching assistants and of course, your friends. We have special assemblies and anti-bullying day to teach us about bullying.


Stay Safe!

Never give personal information to anyone you don’t know. Information such as:

·   Full name

·   Age

·   Address

·   Phone Number

·   Any other personal information about anyone.


You can get more information and advice by clicking the link below:


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