Body Percussion

Image of Body Percussion

A topic of discovery; children have been exploring the rainforest through music and have been introduced to new musical terms.  They have used a body percussion to create rhythms of the rainforest, layer by layer. 

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Yes or No?!? Branching Databases

Image of Yes or No?!? Branching Databases

Over the last 5 weeks, children in Year 4 have been developing their understanding of what a branching database is and how to create one.  They have also considered real-world applications for branching databases. 

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Edit and Improve

Image of Edit and Improve

In Literacy today, the children have been developing the skill of editing and improving.  The children will be editing and improving their Rainforest non-chronological reports later this week. 

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Too Much Information??

Image of Too Much Information??

Year 4 have completed another lesson of their 'Online Safety' curriculum.  The children looked out what information they could share on line and what information should be kept private. 

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Image of Cricket

Over the last 5 weeks, Year 4 have been learning a new sport; cricket. 

A huge thank you to Charlie from Cheshire Cricket. 

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In the classroom

Image of In the classroom

In Spanish this half term, the children have been learning what they have and do not have in their pencil cases and/or school bag.



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What do Humanists believe?

Image of What do Humanists believe?

This morning, Peter from Humanism UK came into class to build on the children's knowledge and understanding of Humanism.  The children asked some great questions and gave some very detailed answers.

Well Done Year 4! 

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Rounding Decimals

Image of Rounding Decimals

Children have been consolidating their learning of 'Rounding Decimals' by challenging their friends to a game of Gold Rush - who won the most gold?


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Grouping Objects

Image of Grouping Objects

As part of our new Science learning, children have been grouping and sorting buttons and play animals. The children then created Venn diagrams and Carroll Diagrams.  A very Science and Maths afternoon! 

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Y4 Catalyst Museum

Image of Y4 Catalyst Museum

Year 4 had a super learning day at the Catalyst Museum, not only were the children able to consolidate their learning of Volcanoes (Shake, Rock and Roll), but also their Geography and Science skills.

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Creating a Glossary

Image of Creating a Glossary

The children in Year 4 have been using their Computing skills this morning (using an Internet search safely) to help create a Rainforest Glossary of new and familiar vocabulary. 

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New text, new learning, new predictions!

Image of New text, new learning, new predictions!

The children have been using illustrations with hidden clues from our new Pathways to Write book, 'Where the Forest Meets the Sea', to make predictions about what the key messages and themes may be about.  Great teamwork, everyone!

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