Y4 Fractions

Image of Y4 Fractions

Year 4 children have been revisiting previous learning of Fractions.  

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Year 4 Online Safety - Copycats

Image of Year 4 Online Safety - Copycats

Recently, year 4 have been looking at plagiarism online (aka copycats!).

In class, we used this idea to look more widely at questioning the quality

of information online.

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Y4 Tree Planting Project

Image of Y4 Tree Planting Project

Mr Orme took Year 4 out for the afternoon after they were invited by The Woodlands Trust to take part in their Frodsham Hills Tree Planting Project on 7th February 2024.  We planted little trees and enjoyed finding out about conservation.  Some of these trees might still be here in 100 years’ time…

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Year 4 - Smokebusters Fire & Rescue

Image of Year 4 - Smokebusters Fire & Rescue

Year 4 had a smashing morning on Thursday with the Fire & Rescue service coming in to teach the class about fire safety. In addition, the children were treated to a tour of the fire engine by two of the firemen!

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Biscuit Mountains

Image of Biscuit Mountains

This afternoon, the children in Year 4 have been using squirty cream (molten rock) and biscuits (tectonic plates)  to answer:  'How are Mountains formed?'


Of course, we had to eat them afterwards. 

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Disgusting Digestion

Image of Disgusting Digestion

Children in Year 4 have been consolidating their Science learning on the digestive system.


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Year 4 meet Pudsey

Image of Year 4 meet Pudsey

Children in Year 4 were very lucky to meet Pudsey this week.

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What can the book be about?

Image of What can the book be about?

Year 4 have been using images from our new book to make a prediction about characters, setting and plot.  

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4-digit Addition

Image of 4-digit Addition

Children in Year 4 have been developing their understanding of 'exchanging' in column addition by using place value counters. 

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Computing - Onion Skinning Animation

Image of Computing - Onion Skinning Animation

Children in Year 4 have been using onion skinning to help make small changes between frames in animation.  

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Roman Chester Day 2023 - Year 4

Image of Roman Chester Day 2023 - Year 4

The children in Year 4 have had a fantastic day in Chester. 

The children have become Roman Solider apprentices learning how to march and attack and defend in battle; they have looked at sources and artefacts to look for clues about the past and explored why the Romans invaded Britain and built…

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Art - Drawing with Scissors

Image of Art - Drawing with Scissors

Children have used the work of Henri Matisse (The Circus) as inspiration to complete their own 'Drawing with Scissors' art work.  Children had to use scissors with precision as well as make decisions about how to place drawn elements in their art composition.

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