Crossing the River

Image of Crossing the River

Children in Year 4 have been thinking about what makes an effective team, with a focus on communication, cooperation and responsibility.  The children were challenged to cross the river, without touching the floor, using only a mat and a bench.  


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Roman Numerals

Image of Roman Numerals

As part of Cross Curriculum Mathematics, children have been learning Roman Numerals to 100.


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Art Year 4

Image of Art Year 4

Ms Smith, our Subject Leader for Art, assesses the impact of our Art curriculum by speaking to pupils in Year 4 to see what they could tell her about the knowledge, skills and vocab they have been acquiring.  Well done Y4!

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Multiplying TO by O

Image of Multiplying TO by O

After using place value counters and Numicon, Year 4 have developed a good understanding of 2 digits by 1 digit short multiplication. 



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Wax Resist Art

Image of Wax Resist Art

After creating their own wax resist boards, children created abstract art.  The children used a range a scratched marks to add contrast and patterns.


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Here Come the Romans - Musical Motifs

Image of Here Come the Romans - Musical Motifs

After listening to Beethoven’s fifth symphony and the James Bond theme tune, children in Year 4 explored musical motifs.  The children then used tuned instruments to play a musical motif of 6 notes. 



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The Way Back Home

Image of The Way Back Home

As part of our work on 'No Outsiders', children in Year 4 have been discussing how people speak different languages and how sometimes this can be a barrier.  Children explored how we can overcome this barrier! 

Neave: 'We can just smile - it makes people feel happy and welcome'

Connor:  'We…

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Y4 - Sense of Proportion

Image of Y4 - Sense of Proportion

Children in Year 4 have been using charcoal to represent light and dark; as well as comparing objects of different sizes. 

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3D Drawing

Image of 3D Drawing

In Year 4, the children have been learning how to create a 3D drawing.  We have experimented with shading to create different tones and how to make an object look 3D..


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Creating Switches

Image of Creating Switches

This term, Year 4 are exploring electrical circuits and conductors. Today we used our knowledge of circuits and conductors and insulators to discuss the purpose of switches and how they work.

The children were then given a variety of items such as paperclips, card, paper fasteners and safety…

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Celebrating Christingle

Image of Celebrating Christingle

Children in Year 4 have been learning about the history of the Christingle and why it is important to all Christians.  


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Art club

Image of Art club
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