Thank you Year 6

Image of Thank you Year 6

Over the past week, Year 6 have been preparing presentations to share with Reception class which will hopefully help them to understand in more detail what kind of animals they might see at Green Acres Farm tomorrow AND what activities they might do. Thank you so much to year 6 for pitching your…

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Taste of the USA

Image of Taste of the USA

Our wonderful cook created the taste of Great Britain and the USA for us today.


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Y6 Online Safety - SMART

We have been looking at a very important topic with Y6 this week: online safety awareness, specifically addressing the dangers associated with social media.

At Brookside Primary School we understand the significance of educating our students about online safety and promoting responsible…

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In the classroom

Image of In the classroom

In Spanish this half term, the children have been learning what they have and do not have in their pencil cases and/or school bag.



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What do Humanists believe?

Image of What do Humanists believe?

This morning, Peter from Humanism UK came into class to build on the children's knowledge and understanding of Humanism.  The children asked some great questions and gave some very detailed answers.

Well Done Year 4! 

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Y6 help Reception plan their trip!

Image of Y6 help Reception plan their trip!

Year 6 had a  wonderful morning helping the Reception  children prepare for their visit to Greenacre's Farm. We prepared Powerpoints and studied the website. It was really lovely to see the older children supporting the younger pupils with their learning!


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Rounding Decimals

Image of Rounding Decimals

Children have been consolidating their learning of 'Rounding Decimals' by challenging their friends to a game of Gold Rush - who won the most gold?


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Ice Cream Anyone?

Image of Ice Cream Anyone?

Year 3 are getting ready for their travels and learning

 in Spanish how to ask for different flavours

of ice cream.

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Image of Y6 SATS

Dear Y6,

I would like to take a moment to congratulate you on completing your SATs tests this week. You have all worked incredibly hard, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We are all very proud of you, and your accomplishments are a testament to your dedication and perseverance.


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Year 5 - Amazing Architecture

Image of Year 5 - Amazing Architecture

Year 5 had an amazing art day where they engaged in a variety of creative activities. From sketching a house to exploring architecture created by Zaha Hadid and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the students had an exciting and educational experience.

To start off the day, the students sketched a…

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Y1 Design and Technology

Image of Y1 Design and Technology
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Y2 - Literacy

Image of Y2 - Literacy

Year 2 had lots of fun creating a conscience alley to decide whether or not the main character Little Red from the story of the Last Wolf should stay in the cottage with the Last Wolf, Bear and Lynx.


Knowledge:  to explore the characters' feelings, motives and emotions at a significant…

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