Yes or No?!? Branching Databases

Image of Yes or No?!? Branching Databases

Over the last 5 weeks, children in Year 4 have been developing their understanding of what a branching database is and how to create one.  They have also considered real-world applications for branching databases. 

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Edit and Improve

Image of Edit and Improve

In Literacy today, the children have been developing the skill of editing and improving.  The children will be editing and improving their Rainforest non-chronological reports later this week. 

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Nursery's Day at Greenacres Farm Park

Image of Nursery's Day at Greenacres Farm Park


Nursery had a fantastic day at the farm!

They bottle fed the goats, looked at lots of other animals, had a ride on a tractor, had lunch, and played on the park and in the play barn.

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Year 3 PHSE

Image of Year 3 PHSE

In online safety we have been thinking about what online communities we are part of and the pros and cons of being in an online community. 

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Image of R E

Year 3 have been looking at God and why some people have a faith. 

We wrote a few questions to God while we were at it as well.

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Reader of the Week

Image of Reader of the Week

Well done to all our very worthy winners of the Reader of the Week certificate.

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Y6 3D Art

Image of Y6 3D Art

In art, Y6 used their creative imaginations to plan and develop a ‘memory museum’ box.

We developed our ‘sculpting’ technique and looked at 2D and 3D art.

Finally, we ‘assembled’ our sculptures and art techniques to make a truly unique memory box!

Well done!

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Navigating the Web: Year 5 Learn About Fact, Opinion, and Fake Websites

Image of Navigating the Web: Year 5 Learn About Fact, Opinion, and Fake Websites

In today's digital age, it is crucial for young minds to develop critical thinking skills to discern between fact and opinion. As Year 5 students embark on their educational journey, one of their key lessons focuses on understanding the difference between factual information and personal opinions.…

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Too Much Information??

Image of Too Much Information??

Year 4 have completed another lesson of their 'Online Safety' curriculum.  The children looked out what information they could share on line and what information should be kept private. 

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Mastering Advanced Google Searches: A Journey of Discovery for Year 5

Image of Mastering Advanced Google Searches: A Journey of Discovery for Year 5

Year 5 recently embarked on a journey to master advanced Google searches using keywords and explore the wonders of Boolean operators. This newfound knowledge proved to be invaluable, especially when conducting research on the remarkable explorer, Ernest Shackleton. 

Year 5 learned that…

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Greenacres Park visit

Image of Greenacres Park visit

We had such an amazing time at Green acres Park today. We saw lots of wonderful animals and their babies, we even got to stroke and feed some of them. What a wonderful day of learning and exploring. 

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Image of Lunchtimes

Look at our activities for lunchtimes on the KS1 playground. We have lots to do and explore.

Our activities include: reading, writing, drawing, chalking, playing basket ball, climbing on stilts, skipping, hopscotch, connect four and lots more!


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