Year 5 Science: Unveiling the Magic of Gravity-Defying Water

Have you ever witnessed the seemingly impossible? Well, the students of Year 5 recently did just that as they delved into the fascinating world of science and discovered the secret behind gravity-defying water. Armed with curiosity, a glass, a jug of water and a simple piece of card, they embarked on an adventure that left them in awe of the wonders of gravity and air pressure.

Year 5's journey into the realm of gravity-defying water using air pressure on a piece of card was a remarkable adventure. It showcased the power of science to demystify the world around us and demonstrated that even the most perplexing phenomena can be explained through careful observation and experimentation.

As these young scientists continue their educational journey, they will carry with them the wonder and excitement of discovering the hidden forces that shape our universe. Who knows what mysteries they will unravel next?

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