Year 5 had a fantastic scientific afternoon where we looked at friction.

To illustrate the concept of friction, the students observed Mr Griffiths conduct a fun and eye-catching experiment involving a cloth and a mug. He placed a mug on a table, with a cloth partially tucked underneath it. Then, with a swift motion, he whipped the cloth out from beneath the mug (although it did take a couple of goes to get it).

With their newfound understanding of friction, the Year 5 students delved deeper by exploring how different surfaces can affect friction. Gathered together were various materials such as paper, bubble wrap, and aluminium foil. They attached each material to a flat surface and placed a car on top of a ramp.  Then, they released the car down the surface to observe how easily the object slid and recorded the distance the car travelled. 

We learnt that the less friction there was, the further the car travelled.

Excellent work Year 5!

Science Friction