The World Health Organization (WHO) have reported that children under five should spend less time sitting looking at screens, and more time being physically active to grow up healthy. Children develop very quickly in early childhood, so it’s important they’re encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle in this period to aid their physical and mental development.

The WHO found that not getting enough sleep, spending too long sitting down looking at screens or in a pram had negative impacts on children’s development. The best way to combat this is to reduce overall screen time, encourage plenty of physical activity and make sure children are getting good quality sleep. This is said to help improve mental health, physical health and general wellbeing and development.


The NHS has found similar results in their studies too. The recommended screen time for children under five is no more than one hour of screen time per day. They advise that children aged 3 to 4 years old should:

  • Not use screens for more than 1 hour per day

  • Do at least 180 minutes of physical activity per day

  • Get 10 to 13 hours of consistent, high quality sleep


With this being said if your child is going to have quality screen time please use the following educational websites: