Year 5 recently embarked on a journey to master advanced Google searches using keywords and explore the wonders of Boolean operators. This newfound knowledge proved to be invaluable, especially when conducting research on the remarkable explorer, Ernest Shackleton. 

Year 5 learned that strategic combinations of keywords are essential for obtaining precise search results. They discovered techniques like using quotation marks for exact phrases and the minus sign to exclude terms.

Putting their skills to the test, Year 5 utilised advanced searches and Boolean operators in researching Ernest Shackleton. They crafted precise queries, combined keywords, and used operators to filter information. With each search, they honed their ability to navigate overwhelming amounts of data, ensuring they obtained accurate and reliable information

Year 5 discovered that advanced searches and Boolean operators are powerful tools that save time and yield more relevant results. By employing these techniques, they efficiently located valuable information about Ernest Shackleton, enhancing their understanding of this remarkable explorer.