Year 3 History

Image of Year 3 History

Year 3 have enjoyed learning all about mummification in our Ancient Egypt topic, 'Who's the Mummy?'

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Year 1 History

Image of Year 1 History

In history we are learning about famous explorers. 

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Y2 - Trip to Ewloe Castle

Image of Y2 - Trip to Ewloe Castle

Year 2 have enjoyed visiting Ewloe Castle today as part of their history topic Kings and Queens.  They learned all about the features of a stone keep castle which has been built on a motte with a bailey.



To identify features of a castle that would be effective when defending…

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Y2 - History

Image of Y2 - History

Year 2 have been learning about significant kings - William the Conqueror and King Charles III


Knowledge: To identify features of a castle that would be effective when defending against attacks.


  • I can sequence castles on a timeline.
  • I can describe how castles have…
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Romans sin sin dex sin

Image of Romans sin sin dex sin

We have been writing all about the Romans today. Wow! Didn't they invent a lot things?

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Year 5 and the Terrible Tudors!

Image of Year 5 and the Terrible Tudors!

This half term in history, Year 5 have been delving in to the history of the Tudors. 
We’ve studied various aspects of this moment in time, such as:

  • Was Henry VIII a fair ruler or a tyrant?
  • Why did Henry VIII have 6 wives?
  • What happened to the belongings of people during this time after…
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Roman History

Image of Roman History

Year 3 enjoyed their day learning about the Romans and Roman Chester.

We found out about why the Romans invaded and why the Roman army was so successful. 

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Year 1 History

Image of Year 1 History
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Y6 Computing

Image of Y6 Computing

In computing, Y6 made their own powerpoints all about the history and development of computer technology. We paid particular attention to the workings of the 'Enigma Machine' during World War 2.

We learnt to embed content, create animations and hyperlinks (both within and across…

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Y6 Battle of Britain

Image of Y6 Battle of Britain

Well done Y6 - Great World War 2 work!

We have been learning about World War 2 and specifically the Battle of Britain. In particular we:

identified the different phases of the battle and also compared the strengths of the Luftwaffe and the RAF.  We even had time to play our version of the…

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Music on the Waves!

Image of Music on the Waves!

Year 3 have been learning all about rhythm in music and where better to learn about rhythm than on their Viking long ship?

I'm not sure Steve Redgrave practised this way, but we had a great time singing our way across the North Sea!

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Year 5 History - how have children’s lives changed?

Image of Year 5 History - how have children’s lives changed?

Year 5 students embarked on a captivating journey through time last term, uncovering the changing lives of children from the Tudor period to the modern day.

The exploration began with the Tudor era, delving into the stark differences in education and daily life. Transitioning to the Victorian…

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