Y6 Battle of Britain

Image of Y6 Battle of Britain

Well done Y6 - Great World War 2 work!

We have been learning about World War 2 and specifically the Battle of Britain. In particular we:

identified the different phases of the battle and also compared the strengths of the Luftwaffe and the RAF.  We even had time to play our version of the…

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Year 5 History - how have children’s lives changed?

Image of Year 5 History - how have children’s lives changed?

Year 5 students embarked on a captivating journey through time last term, uncovering the changing lives of children from the Tudor period to the modern day.

The exploration began with the Tudor era, delving into the stark differences in education and daily life. Transitioning to the Victorian…

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Year 1 History

Image of Year 1 History

Thank you to everyone for bringing in your baby, toddler and now photographs to share. 

We created a display discussing how we change over time.

We made memory boxes to capture our own life history. 

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Welcome back to the Stone Age

Image of Welcome back to the Stone Age

Year 3 learn how to survive like their ancestors from the Stone Age - give or take that marshmallow tastes much better than red deer. 

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Stone Age morning

Image of Stone Age  morning

Year 3 become archeologists for the morning as they investigate Stone Age artefacts.

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Year 2 - History

Image of Year 2 - History

We have begun to investigate the similarities and differences between what it was like in Victorian schools and the schools of today.

Knowledge: to compare three periods of time

Skills: to say what is different or the same about the three periods

Vocab: periods, Victorian, modern

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Roman Chester Day 2023 - Year 4

Image of Roman Chester Day 2023 - Year 4

The children in Year 4 have had a fantastic day in Chester. 

The children have become Roman Solider apprentices learning how to march and attack and defend in battle; they have looked at sources and artefacts to look for clues about the past and explored why the Romans invaded Britain and built…

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Y6 Port Sunlight Trip

Image of Y6 Port Sunlight Trip

Well done Y6.


We had a really great educational trip to the historic Port Sunlight Village today. We even learned about the 'census' - can you believe that an ex Port Sunlight resident was actually on the Titanic and survived (we proved it using the census information).


  Have a…

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Designing a pyramid

Image of Designing a pyramid

Year 3 take their sewing to a new level as they create scenes of ancient Egypt.

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Year 3 Egyptians

Image of Year 3 Egyptians

We don't use hieroglyphics anymore , but we have produced some wonderful factual writing about the Ancient Egyptians. Now where did I put that papyrus paper?

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Looking at the similarities and differences of the seaside from the past and now.

Image of Looking at the similarities and differences of the seaside from the past and now.
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Walk like an Egyptian

Image of Walk like an Egyptian

As part of learning about the Egyptians

we are designing scrolls.

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