Y2 - Science

Image of Y2 - Science

Year 2 have been exploring what living things need to survive.  This week, we have considered what is crucial or desirable to sustain life.

Knowledge:  Find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food, air)

Skills: Can I describe what…

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Image of Y2 - PSHR(S)E

Year 2 have been exploring their emotions and using colour to express how they feel.

Knowledge: To describe a range of feelings and develop simple strategies for managing them


I can use colours to describe feelings

I know that we often feel more than one emotion at a time


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Y2 - Geography

Image of Y2 - Geography

Year 2 have been exploring atlases, maps and globes to identify the 7 continents of the world.

Knowledge: to locate the 7 continents of the world

Skills: to understand that an atlas is a book of maps.

Vocab: continents, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, North and South America,…

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Y2 - Music

Image of Y2 - Music

Year 2 have been sorting instruments into different groups - strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. They have listened to a piece of music to identify the instruments being played.

Knowledge: To listen to and analyse an orchestral version of a traditional story

Skills: I can name the four…

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Y2 - Online Safety

Image of Y2 - Online Safety

Year 2 have been looking at the importance of "Online Safety" and how their digital footprint stays on the internet forever.


Knowledge: Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school. Use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private; identify…

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Year 2 - History

Image of Year 2 - History

We have begun to investigate the similarities and differences between what it was like in Victorian schools and the schools of today.

Knowledge: to compare three periods of time

Skills: to say what is different or the same about the three periods

Vocab: periods, Victorian, modern

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Year 2 - Science

Image of Year 2 - Science

Year 2 have had lots of fun completing as many press ups as they can in one minute.  They now need to record the circumference of their biceps each week to see if there has been any muscle growth!


Knowledge: Describe the importance for humans of exercise.

Skills: I can describe some of…

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Y2 - Design and Technology

Image of Y2 - Design and Technology

Year 2 have been exploring the sugar content in different types of drinks - some surprisingly unhealthy!  They have also completed a results table to compare the most sugary drinks.

Knowledge: learn about the basic rules of a healthy and varied diet to create dishes.

Skills: to know where to…

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Y2 - Maths

Image of Y2 - Maths

Year 2 have been revisiting number bonds to 10 in preparation for learning number bonds to at least 20.


Knowledge: to recall all number bonds to and within 10 and use these to reason and calculate bonds to and within 20.

Skills: to use ten frames to work our pairs of numbers to…

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Year 2 Maths

Image of Year 2 Maths

Year 2 have been exploring different equipment to find 2 digit numbers.

Knowledge: recognise the place value of each digit in a 2 digit number

Skills: to use resources successfully to support me

Vocab: place value, tens and ones

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Y2 - PE

Image of Y2 - PE

Year 2 have been focusing on team building this term and have been using a range of strategies to problem solve in their activities.

Knowledge: to solve a number of problems in our team building activities.

Skills: to use the strategies of communication, empathy, inclusion and co-operation…

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Y2 - Design and Technology

Image of Y2 - Design and Technology

Year 2 are constructing their own Ferris Wheels.

Knowledge: Design and create a functional Ferris wheel, learn how different components fit together so that the wheel rotates and the structure stands freely.

Skills: Selecting appropriate materials based on their properties; Selecting…

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