Painting to Music

Image of Painting to Music

Reception listened to different pieces of music and used paint to record their emotional responses, creating exciting and expressive paintings. 

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Outside Painting

Image of Outside Painting

Reception class collected materials and objects from nature to make painting tools; the children used these tool with mud to create abstract and figurative art. 

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Chinese New Year 2022

Image of Chinese New Year 2022

Reception class had so much fun this week learning about the new Lunar Year. We began the week learning all about China and how it was similar and different to England. We then learnt about Emperor Jade's 'Great Race' and found out this year was the year of the Rabbit. We have spent the week…

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Winter Science

Image of Winter Science

Reception class investigated ice. We compared a bowl of water to a bowl of ice and discussed which might be colder. We used a thermometer to measure the temperature of each bowl. We then investigated which substances might melt the ice the quickest; salt, sugar or bicarbonate soda? The children…

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Here we are- Oliver Jeffers

Image of Here we are- Oliver Jeffers

After reading Oliver Jeffers, 'Here we are', Reception class decided to explore their local environment when they noticed a lot of rubbish! We had a discussion about what we could do about it and they were quick to suggest we should pick up the litter to protect and look after our local wildlife…

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Autumn Walk

Image of Autumn Walk

Reception class are learning all about the season Autumn. We went for an Autumn walk to observe and understand the effect of changing seasons on the natural world around us.

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Reception- Baking gingerbread men

Image of Reception- Baking gingerbread men

This week we had a special delivery. Upon investigation, we found a basket full of cooking equipment and ingredients and a recipe card to make Gingerbread men. We carefully read the instructions and measured out all the ingredients to make our tasty biscuits. 


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Remembrance day reception

Image of Remembrance day reception

Reception have been learning all about the importance of of Remembrance day. Using a paint app on the ipads we used our skills to draw poppies. We learnt why Poppies are important to help us remember all the soldiers.


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EYFS- Repeated patterns

Image of EYFS- Repeated patterns

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