Year 5's Art Day

Image of Year 5's Art Day

Year 5 had an amazing art day where they engaged in a variety of creative activities. From sketching a house to exploring architecture created by Zaha Hadid and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

To start off the day, the students sketched a house. This exercise allowed them to practice their drawing…

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Y6 Art

Image of Y6 Art



This week in art, Year 6:

  • explored expressing themselves in a 'literal' and 'symbolic' way
  • represented memories through shapes, colours and textures
  • looked at real artists' work and discussed how they could use elements of it in their own…
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Art Club

Image of Art Club
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Year 1 Art

Image of Year 1 Art
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Soap Sculptures

Image of Soap Sculptures

In Art, children have been exploring the work of Barbara Hepworth. She is known for creating sculptures by carving.

The children designed and carved their own soap sculpture. 

It was great fun, but very messy! 

As part of our new Science learning, children have been grouping and sorting…

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Year 3 Big Art!

Year 3 turned their small individual 3d sculptures into large ones!
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Year 3 Art

Image of Year 3 Art

Year 3 have been examining artists who make 3D sculptures and were inspired to create our own.

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Y6 STEAM Festival

Image of Y6 STEAM Festival

We journeyed out of school to the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.  We had lots of fun and lots of learning in our workshops today including:


  • Magic of Chemistry
  • Detective Science
  • Road Markings
  • Busy Bees




Well done all!


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Year 5 STEAM Festival

Image of Year 5 STEAM Festival

Year 5 visited the National Waterways Museum to take part in a STEAM Festival. Pupils took part in several workshops including being crime scene detectives, building sprites for a game and then creating their own ideas for drones.


Brilliant work Year 5!

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Year 5 Art - Teis Albers

Image of Year 5 Art - Teis Albers


Today in art, Year 5 were creating their prints ready for a piece of work based on space. They experimented with different materials to create textured printing plates.


Well done Year 5

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Y6 Art

Image of Y6 Art

In Art this week, Y6 have been recreating their own 'photorealistic self-portraits'.

We focussed on observation and proportion in order to create art in a photorealistic style.


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Y2- Art

Image of Y2- Art

Year 2 are having great fun exploring how clay feels in their hands.  They are rolling, cutting, smoothing, squeezing and pricking the clay to make a tile.


  • To use my hands as a tool to shape clay.

Success criteria

  • I can flatten clay to make a smooth surface.
  • I can…
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