Y6 Cultural Capital - Lady Lever Art Gallery

Image of Y6 Cultural Capital - Lady Lever Art Gallery

Y6 enjoyed their 'Cultural Capital' adventure to Port Sunlight this week. As part of our art unit on 'sculptures' we enjoyed the opportunity to look at the rich cultural heritage on our doorstep!

Well done Y6 - I can confidently say that you were all engaged, enthused and a credit to the…

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Y6 3D Art

Image of Y6 3D Art

In art, Y6 used their creative imaginations to plan and develop a ‘memory museum’ box.

We developed our ‘sculpting’ technique and looked at 2D and 3D art.

Finally, we ‘assembled’ our sculptures and art techniques to make a truly unique memory box!

Well done!

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Year 5 - Amazing Architecture

Image of Year 5 - Amazing Architecture

Year 5 had an amazing art day where they engaged in a variety of creative activities. From sketching a house to exploring architecture created by Zaha Hadid and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the students had an exciting and educational experience.

To start off the day, the students sketched a…

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'Love From the Crayons'

The Nursery children read 'Love From the Crayons'

The Nursery children read 'Love From the Crayons' and discussed love.

They then used a variety of different coloured media to create pictures of each colour, and a beautiful rainbow collage, which are now displayed in the resource area.

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Year 5 Art - I Need Space

Image of Year 5 Art - I Need Space

This half term, Year 5 have been looking at space-themed art.

We have been looking at illustrations from the ‘Space race’ era; exploring how imagery was used and how it influenced art and design; learning the term retrofuturism and evaluating images using knowledge of the formal elements. 

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Art Club

Image of Art Club
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Year 3 ICT

Image of Year 3 ICT

Year 3 have  been learning how to save their word documents.

We researched about a variety of famous artists and saved our

work multiple times using 'save as' and 'save'. 

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Chester Duck Race

Image of Chester Duck Race
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Art from around Europe

Image of Art from around Europe

Year 3 used their Atlases to locate where some of the most famous artists came from. 

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Art on your doorstep

Image of Art on your doorstep

Year 3 have been locating art in and around Ellesmere Port. They then created a map of the local area to illustrate where these sculptures could be found.

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Year1 Art

Image of Year1 Art
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Year 1 art

Image of Year 1 art
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