Romans sin sin dex sin

Image of Romans sin sin dex sin

We have been writing all about the Romans today. Wow! Didn't they invent a lot things?

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Big Blue Whale

Image of Big Blue Whale

Year 3 have been using the story by Michael Morpurgo 'This morning I Met a Whale'.

Today we created our own leaflets detailing what amazing creatures whales are and

how important it is we think about protecting their habitat.

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Year 5 and The Darkest Dark

Image of Year 5 and The Darkest Dark

In our literacy sessions this half term, Year 5 have been reading the story ‘The Darkest Dark’ written by Chris Hadfield (former astronaut). 

We’ve learnt how, as a young boy, Chris was afraid of the dark but after watching the moon landings (1969) he conquered his fear of the dark and set…

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Year 1 World Book Day

Image of Year 1 World Book Day

We have dressed up as book characters and brought in our favourite books. We buddied up with Year 5 children to share our books with each other. 

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Year 5 - Bringing our characters to life

Image of Year 5 - Bringing our characters to life


Today in Year 5, we used the power of AI drawing to create images for our main characters from the stories we've created in our literacy sessions.
Pupils used a special program that used artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images based on their descriptions.

The results were amazing!…

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Y6 Literacy

Image of Y6 Literacy

We are super proud of our Y6 story writers this week. We have written our own stories with a moral message. We then created illustrations and animations of our stories. Our results were FANTASTIC!

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Year 3

Image of Year 3

Year 3 have been writing their own version of Stone Age Boy in literacy.

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Year 1 Reading

Image of Year 1 Reading
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Thank You

Image of Thank You

Year 3 practised their ICT skills in literacy today and wrote thank you letters to Father Antony Dutton for hosting our class at St John's Church yesterday.

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Let It Snow

Image of Let It Snow

Year 3 had a little break from their regular literacy lessons today.

We read the snowy poem 'Footprints' by Shirley Hughes

and were then inspired to create our own snowy poetry

based on this morning's experience.

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Y6 Battle of Britain

Image of Y6 Battle of Britain

Well done Y6 - Great World War 2 work!

We have been learning about World War 2 and specifically the Battle of Britain. In particular we:

identified the different phases of the battle and also compared the strengths of the Luftwaffe and the RAF.  We even had time to play our version of the…

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Year 5 Literacy - growing our vocabulary

Image of Year 5 Literacy - growing our vocabulary

In literacy this week, Year 5 has been working hard to expand our vocabulary with words that are linked to our story this term. 

We sorted the words into,

- words we knew and could explain,
- words we could somewhat explain
- words that we did not know the meaning

To help us find the…

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