Year 3 Egyptians

Image of Year 3 Egyptians

We don't use hieroglyphics anymore , but we have produced some wonderful factual writing about the Ancient Egyptians. Now where did I put that papyrus paper?

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Year 5 Literacy - Level Up!

Image of Year 5 Literacy - Level Up!

Today, Year 5 showcased their storytelling growth by upleveling a story loosely based on "The Hunter" by Paul Geraghty. Throughout the year, they have acquired essential skills that enabled them to enhance a short story, making it more captivating for their audience. Congratulations, Year 5, on…

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Stay and read

Image of Stay and read

Thank you again to our Reception parents for coming into school, spending time with us in class and reading with us!  Special moments...

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Edit and Improve

Image of Edit and Improve

In Literacy today, the children have been developing the skill of editing and improving.  The children will be editing and improving their Rainforest non-chronological reports later this week. 

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Reader of the Week

Image of Reader of the Week

Well done to all our very worthy winners of the Reader of the Week certificate.

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The World is a Fascinating Place

Image of The World is a Fascinating Place

In year 3 geography we have been comparing

what different regions from England, Spain

and the United States of America are like.

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Y2 - Literacy

Image of Y2 - Literacy

Year 2 had lots of fun creating a conscience alley to decide whether or not the main character Little Red from the story of the Last Wolf should stay in the cottage with the Last Wolf, Bear and Lynx.


Knowledge:  to explore the characters' feelings, motives and emotions at a significant…

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Y2 - Literacy

Image of Y2 - Literacy

Year 2 have been learning all about apostrophes for contraction.  They played a fun game matching up the root phrase with the contraction.


Knowledge: to use apostrophes to mark where letters are missing in spelling

Skills: to understand the apostrophe is used to replace missing letters…

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Y2 - Reading for Pleasure

Image of Y2 - Reading for Pleasure

"My favourite non-fiction books are all about Space but I also like Diary of a Wimpy Kid because they're so funny!" says Krystian

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Coronation Year 3

Image of Coronation Year 3

Year 3 have been writing about our new Monarch and making castles fit for a Monarch in DT.

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Year 5 Literacy - The Paperbag Prince.

Image of Year 5 Literacy - The Paperbag Prince.

The year 5 class has been reading "The Paperbag Prince" by Colin Thompson, which has inspired them to learn about the impact of human actions on the environment. They will showcase their understanding by writing a piece on the changing environment using modal verbs to express their opinions and…

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Reception: Stay and Read

Image of Reception: Stay and Read
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