Body Percussion

Image of Body Percussion

A topic of discovery; children have been exploring the rainforest through music and have been introduced to new musical terms.  They have used a body percussion to create rhythms of the rainforest, layer by layer. 

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The World is a Fascinating Place

Image of The World is a Fascinating Place

In year 3 geography we have been comparing

what different regions from England, Spain

and the United States of America are like.

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Taste of the USA

Image of Taste of the USA

Our wonderful cook created the taste of Great Britain and the USA for us today.


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Shackleton's journey from England to South Georgia

Image of Shackleton's journey from England to South Georgia

In Year 5 today, we have been studying Ernest Shackleton's journey from England to South Georgia, focusing on the challenges he faced as he crossed the tropics.

As we learned about Shackleton's journey in Year 5, we were struck by his determination and resilience in the face of adversity. His…

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Y4 Catalyst Museum

Image of Y4 Catalyst Museum

Year 4 had a super learning day at the Catalyst Museum, not only were the children able to consolidate their learning of Volcanoes (Shake, Rock and Roll), but also their Geography and Science skills.

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Creating a Glossary

Image of Creating a Glossary

The children in Year 4 have been using their Computing skills this morning (using an Internet search safely) to help create a Rainforest Glossary of new and familiar vocabulary. 

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Year 3 orienteering

Image of Year 3 orienteering

Year 3 orienteering.

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Art from around Europe

Image of Art from around Europe

Year 3 used their Atlases to locate where some of the most famous artists came from. 

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Art on your doorstep

Image of Art on your doorstep

Year 3 have been locating art in and around Ellesmere Port. They then created a map of the local area to illustrate where these sculptures could be found.

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Tectonic Plates

Image of Tectonic Plates

This afternoon, we have been learning about the Earth's crust being made up of tectonic plates which fit together like a huge jigsaw puzzle. 

We have built our own tectonic plates using cream and biscuits.

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Using Maps

Image of Using Maps

Children in Year 4 have been using their map skills to locate the world's volcanoes.  

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Y6 Locational Geography

Image of Y6 Locational Geography

Y6 have been learning how to locate places of interest all over the World . . .precisely!


We have even plotted Charles Darwin's journey around the world including his famous island hopping adventure in the Galapagos! 



Longitude, Latitude, Tropics of Cancer, Tropic…

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