Year 5 Explores the Mojave: Creating Our Interactive Padlet

Image of Year 5 Explores the Mojave: Creating Our Interactive Padlet

Year 5 Explores the Mojave: Creating Our Interactive Padlet


In an exciting cross-curricular project, Year 5 embarked on a journey to explore the Mojave Desert. Inspired by this unique and rugged landscape, they collaborated to create an interactive Padlet that captures their…

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Year 3 Interactive presentations

Image of Year 3 Interactive presentations

Year 3 have been creating power points in ICT to talk about animals from Antarctica.

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Image of Maps
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Year 3

Image of Year 3

In Geography we have learned about Ernest Shackleton. In addition to this we have learned the eight compass points and planned our own routes round the school to follow. Fortunately we didn't run into ice like poor Mr Shackleton. 

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Year 1 Science/Geography

Image of Year 1 Science/Geography
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Year 1 Geography

Image of Year 1 Geography
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Longitude and latitude

Image of Longitude and latitude

Year 3 have started learning about longitude and latitude, Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn and the Equator in Geography.

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Year 5 Geography - Surviving the sands!

Image of Year 5 Geography -  Surviving the sands!

This first week back in school, Year 5 has been exploring the deserts that are located around the world. We've learned that every continent has a desert and how their biomes differ.

Currently, we are studying the Mojave Desert which is located across 4 states (California, Nevada, Utah, and…

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Biscuit Mountains

Image of Biscuit Mountains

This afternoon, the children in Year 4 have been using squirty cream (molten rock) and biscuits (tectonic plates)  to answer:  'How are Mountains formed?'


Of course, we had to eat them afterwards. 

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Y2 - Geography

Image of Y2 - Geography

Year 2 have been exploring atlases, maps and globes to identify the 7 continents of the world.

Knowledge: to locate the 7 continents of the world

Skills: to understand that an atlas is a book of maps.

Vocab: continents, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, North and South America,…

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Year 3 Geography

Image of Year 3 Geography

Ever wondered why Brookside is called Brookside? Well the answer is in plain sight.Year 3 went to visit the 'brook' that meanders from Cheshire Oaks, past our school, through Rivacre Valley as it journeys on to the River Mersey. The brook is on the first available map of 1845, however everywhere…

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Bake Off

Image of Bake Off

Year 3 have been in the Bake Off tent as part of Design and Technology learning how to use seasonal fruit to make a totally tasty apple crumble. Not only is this tasty food - it is an environmentally friendly treat too!

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