Nursery Numicon

Image of Nursery Numicon

The Nursery children were exploring Numicon, and counting the holes and making number towers using the coloured pieces.

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Winter activities in Nursery

Image of Winter activities in Nursery


The Nursery children have been exploring what happens during wintertime.

We read the story of 'Snow Bears' and discussed freezing and melting.

We explored fake snow talking about what it felt and looked like, and we made hot toast like the Snow Bears in the story, and melted butter…

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Whole School Vocabulary Focus

Each class has been promoting and developing our pupils' knowledge and understanding of new vocabulary.  In Literacy, pupils have explored tier 1, 2 and 3 words linked to their topic, Read, Write Inc. or Pathways to Write.  In other subject areas such as Geography and IT, pupils are investigating…

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Nursery Music

Image of Nursery Music

The Nursery children were exploring sounds, and how the instruments can make different sounds when played in different ways.

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Nursery - Birthdays - making a cake for Elephant Small.

Image of Nursery - Birthdays - making a cake for Elephant Small.

The Nursery class read stories about birthdays including 'Elephant Small Goes to a Party' and 'Kipper's Birthday' and then they wrote invitations, made cards with numbers on them and made a big birthday cake to share.

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