What can the book be about?

Image of What can the book be about?

Year 4 have been using images from our new book to make a prediction about characters, setting and plot.  

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Stay and read

Image of Stay and read

Thank you again to our Reception parents for coming into school, spending time with us in class and reading with us!  Special moments...

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Y2 - Reading for Pleasure

Image of Y2 - Reading for Pleasure

"My favourite non-fiction books are all about Space but I also like Diary of a Wimpy Kid because they're so funny!" says Krystian

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Reception: Stay and Read

Image of Reception: Stay and Read
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New text, new learning, new predictions!

Image of New text, new learning, new predictions!

The children have been using illustrations with hidden clues from our new Pathways to Write book, 'Where the Forest Meets the Sea', to make predictions about what the key messages and themes may be about.  Great teamwork, everyone!

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Reader of the Week

Image of Reader of the Week

Here are our very worthy winners of the Reader of the Week certificate.  Well done everyone!

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Nursery - Reading 'The Mummy Shop'

Image of Nursery - Reading 'The Mummy Shop'

The Nursery children loved this story, and discussed why animals wouldn't be their perfect mummy!

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Nursery - World Book Day

Image of Nursery - World Book Day

In Nursery we love to read!

On World Book Day we shared our bedtime stories, getting cosy in our pyjamas. Year 5 children also came and read our books with us.

We even had a special treat of hot chocolate and marshmallows!

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World Book Day

Image of World Book Day

As part of World Book Day, we discussed that reading books can take us to different places!  As a class we used 'You Choose: Your Adventure' to write a collaborative story with our friends.

We had fairy princesses fighting aliens and then having lunch with Grandma; cowboys climbing Mount…

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Year 2 - My favourite book

Image of Year 2 - My favourite book

Krystian has brought his favourite book into school today.  It's called Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Big Shot).  He has read a couple of pages to the children and explained his favourite part of the book.

"I chose this page because Greg (that's the main character) stood on one leg to fire a shot into…

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Predictions, Predictions, Predictions

Image of Predictions, Predictions, Predictions

Year 4 have been using key words and sentences from our new Literacy text to predict what the story might be about.  


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Year 1 World book day

Image of Year 1 World book day
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