Happy Easter

Image of Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Thank you for raising so much money for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. 

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Birkenhead Park Y6

Image of Birkenhead Park Y6


As part of our ‘Design and Technology’ unit (Making Playgrounds) and in the interest of ‘Cultural Capital’ – Year 6 visited the historic ‘Birkenhead Park’. 



A Brief History of Birkenhead Park


Print representing a crowd from the Victorian period in front of the Grand Entrance

On Easter Monday, Birkenhead Park was officially opened by Lord Morpeth…

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Year 5 Trip to Catalyst Museum

Image of Year 5 Trip to Catalyst Museum

Today, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Catalyst Museum in Widnes.

Whilst at the museum, we were lucky to be able to travel through space thanks to the planetarium. During our time in the planetarium, we could see all the planets and constellations that we can currently see in the…

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Understanding the World - Celebrating Easter and visiting our local church.

Image of Understanding the World - Celebrating Easter and visiting our local church.

This week Reception class have been learning all about why Easter is important to Christians. We discussed the Easter story and visited Father Antony at our local Church - St John the Evangelist. He showed us around and we discovered why the church was so special to people in our local…

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Art Club

Image of Art Club
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Assembly: Ramadan

Image of Assembly: Ramadan

In Assembly with Mr Orme this morning, we paused to reflect on Ramadan, considered to be one of the holiest months of the year in the religion of Islam.  Followers of Islam are called Muslims.  Muslims believe that there is one true god called Allah.  Ramadan is in the ninth month of the Islamic…

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Chester Duck Race

Image of Chester Duck Race
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Art from around Europe

Image of Art from around Europe

Year 3 used their Atlases to locate where some of the most famous artists came from. 

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Art on your doorstep

Image of Art on your doorstep

Year 3 have been locating art in and around Ellesmere Port. They then created a map of the local area to illustrate where these sculptures could be found.

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Year 1 dance festival

Image of Year 1 dance festival
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Assembly: International Women's Day

Image of Assembly: International Women's Day

In Assembly this morning, Mr Orme shared with the children ideas around International Women’s Day, held each year on March 8th.  International Women’s Day celebrates the many amazing things done by women. It is a day to think about how women have influenced the world.  Everyone – girls and boys –…

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Art club

Image of Art club
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