We have been looking at a very important topic with Y6 this week: online safety awareness, specifically addressing the dangers associated with social media.

At Brookside Primary School we understand the significance of educating our students about online safety and promoting responsible internet usage. To that end, we recently went to Rivacre Primary to watch a play called SNAPTRAP.

The play equipped young people with the tools and attitude they need to deal with some of the dangers associated with smart technology such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

We have also had a SMART BOT online safety lesson today, teaching us all how to be SMART:






We believe that a collaborative effort between the school and parents is crucial in ensuring the online safety of our children. We kindly request your support in reinforcing these lessons at home and maintaining an open dialogue with your child about their online experiences. Encouraging them to report any concerning incidents or encounters will enable us to address any issues promptly and effectively. To further assist you in this regard – can we please remind parents that the “WhatsApp” age setting is 16+ for a reason. If you are in any doubt as to your child’s online safety please speak to them about this and help them stay safe online.

Many thanks to you all – a very engaging couple of days but lots for us to be vigilant about moving forward.