Year 1 PSHRE

Image of Year 1 PSHRE
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Image of Y2 - PSHE

Year 2 have been exploring the concept of resilience and how it can help them overcome barriers in relationships and in their school work.


  • To identify strategies to help overcome barriers or manage difficult emotions
  • To develop a growth mindset


  • I can…
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Reception class met Father Christmas

Image of Reception class met Father Christmas
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Year 5 Anti Bullying

Image of Year 5 Anti Bullying

This afternoon, Year 5 looked at the impact of bullying on those who have to deal with it. We discussed the various types of bullying and what to do if someone sees it.

We all know that we should treat others how we want to be treated 

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Image of Y2 - PSHR(S)E

Year 2 have been exploring their emotions and using colour to express how they feel.

Knowledge: To describe a range of feelings and develop simple strategies for managing them


I can use colours to describe feelings

I know that we often feel more than one emotion at a time


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Image of Y2 - PSHE

Year 2 have been learning about where money comes from, what we use it for and why do we use banks and building societies.

Knowledge:  To begin to understand the difference between wants and needs


Skills: To explain the difference between a "want" and a "need".


Vocab: want,.…

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Y6 Residential

Image of Y6 Residential

Outdoor learning offers so many benefits, including the development of resilience and the fostering of team spirit. It was such a privilege to take our Year 6’s to the Menai Centre on the island of Anglesey. By stepping outside the classroom, children face new challenges and learn to adapt,…

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Voting underway in the Year 3 polling booth

Image of Voting underway in the Year 3 polling booth

In PHSE we have been learning

what it is like to be a citizen of Great Britain

and how the democratic process works.

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Y2 - Online Safety

Image of Y2 - Online Safety

Year 2 have been exploring the importance of how to be kind when using the internet.

Knowledge: I can explain the ways to stay safe online.

Skills: to understand that not all content I access is safe; to understand that if I see something that is inappropriate, I tell an adult.


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Too Much Information??

Image of Too Much Information??

Year 4 have completed another lesson of their 'Online Safety' curriculum.  The children looked out what information they could share on line and what information should be kept private. 

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Y6 Online Safety - SMART

We have been looking at a very important topic with Y6 this week: online safety awareness, specifically addressing the dangers associated with social media.

At Brookside Primary School we understand the significance of educating our students about online safety and promoting responsible…

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Year 5 - Protecting our Planet

Image of Year 5 - Protecting our Planet

Year 5 students embarked on an exciting journey to learn more about creating a greener planet. During the session, they explored ways to reduce the use of fuels and plastics that contribute to pollution and climate change.

The students learned about the importance of reducing our reliance on…

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