Evening at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall

Image of Evening at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall

Well done to the Year 3 pupils and friends who performed so fantastically at the Civic Hall as the new Mayor Of Ellesmere Port took office.  We were very honoured to be present at the ceremony as our Chair of Governors, Councillor Donovan, was sworn in as the new Mayor.  You were all fantastic in…

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Y6 Computing

Image of Y6 Computing

This week, Year 6 have started their 'Coding journey'.

They all have their own user names and passwords so that they can log in at home and continue their learning if possible. Today, we looked at 'variables' and 'conditional events' - well done - we might have some future gaming superstars on…

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Y6 Online Safety

Image of Y6 Online Safety

We have been looking at how to be SMART online:

We made some eye-catching posters to spread the word!

S - Safe

M - Meeting

A - Accepting

R - Reliable

T - Tell


These days it is more important than ever to keep parents/carers/trusted adults informed as to our online…

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Y6 SATS Week

Image of Y6 SATS Week

Well done Y6 for a brilliant effort this week for SATS week!


You had 100% attendance and 100% positive attitude and commitment to do your best - well done each and every one of you!


We enjoyed a Teacher v Y6 Pupil football match as a reward and look forward to a special lunch to…

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Y6 Art

Image of Y6 Art



This week in art, Year 6:

  • explored expressing themselves in a 'literal' and 'symbolic' way
  • represented memories through shapes, colours and textures
  • looked at real artists' work and discussed how they could use elements of it in their own…
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Y6 Science - Classification

Image of Y6 Science - Classification

Well done Y6 - we have looked at classification of animals using various sorting diagrams including branch diagrams. Before we began grouping different animals, we sorted and ordered some sweets to test the 'rigidity' of our questions!

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Y6 STEAM Festival

Image of Y6 STEAM Festival

We journeyed out of school to the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.  We had lots of fun and lots of learning in our workshops today including:


  • Magic of Chemistry
  • Detective Science
  • Road Markings
  • Busy Bees




Well done all!


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Y6 Playgrounds

Image of Y6 Playgrounds

Y6 were faced with a Design and Technology challenge: to design and make their very own playground!

They had to:

  • Create five apparatus designs, applying the design criteria to their work.
  • Make suitable changes to their work after peer evaluation.
  • Make roughly three different…
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Y6 Online Safety

Image of Y6 Online Safety

Today, Year 6 discussed the ever increasingly concerning world of social media. In particular, we discussed which information is 'okay' and 'not okay' to put online. Thank you all for a very honest and open discussion - I hope you all reflect carefully about the important subject matter we…

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Y6 Playground Project: Visit to Birkenhead Park

Image of Y6 Playground Project: Visit to Birkenhead Park

A super trip with the Year 6 children today. We went to Birkenhead Park - the blue-print for the world famous Central Park in New York City. We looked at all the features that make a great park. After half-term we will be using this as inspiration to design and make our very own playgrounds in…

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Y6 Music

Image of Y6 Music

In music this week, the children looked at the key words of 'texture', 'dynamics' and 'tempo'.


We learnt how to 'conduct' and then created our own 'rain music' - very creative!

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Y6 Literacy

Image of Y6 Literacy

We are super proud of our Y6 story writers this week. We have written our own stories with a moral message. We then created illustrations and animations of our stories. Our results were FANTASTIC!

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