Year 1 Sports

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Y6 Healthy Me

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Wow! Thank you Year 6 for such brilliant learning logs. You were challenged to reflect upon 'Healthy Me'. We considered healthy food options, the importance of exercise and the functions of the heart. Great job!



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Y6 Keeping Healthy

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This week, Y6 have been looking at keeping healthy. In particular we have focussed on diet, exercise and the structures and functions of the heart.


We can describe the effects of exercise on the body.

We identified the key food groups and looked at which ones should not make up a large…

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Year 1 PE

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Year 5 Takes a Dive into Jiu-Jitsu: Learning the Basics

Image of Year 5 Takes a Dive into Jiu-Jitsu: Learning the Basics

In the adventurous world of physical education, Year 5 students recently embarked on an exciting taster session into the realm of Jiu-Jitsu. This ancient martial art, known for its intricate techniques and emphasis on leverage and control rather than brute force, offered our young learners a…

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Ju jitsu

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Year 3 enjoyed the physical side of life today with Ellesmere Port Ju Jitsu club.

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Y2 - PE

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Year 2 have been focusing on team building this term and have been using a range of strategies to problem solve in their activities.

Knowledge: to solve a number of problems in our team building activities.

Skills: to use the strategies of communication, empathy, inclusion and co-operation…

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Year 1 Dance

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Tri Golf

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Sports Day

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Image of Y6 JUDO

Well done Y6 - we all completed a 'Personal Safety Awareness' Course this morning. We considered:

breakaway techniques

warning signs

'run tell yell' and

keeping our distance


Well done Y6 - RESPECT!


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Sports for Champions

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