Year 3 R.E.

Image of Year 3 R.E.

Year 3 have been learning all about The Bible.

The Bible is made up of 73 books and is written by many different  authors.

It is a history book, law book and includes poetry and stories as well.

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Whole School Vocabulary Focus

Each class has been promoting and developing our pupils' knowledge and understanding of new vocabulary.  In Literacy, pupils have explored tier 1, 2 and 3 words linked to their topic, Read, Write Inc. or Pathways to Write.  In other subject areas such as Geography and IT, pupils are investigating…

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Celebrating Christingle

Image of Celebrating Christingle

Children in Year 4 have been learning about the history of the Christingle and why it is important to all Christians.  


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Year 2 RE

Image of Year 2 RE

Year 2 have been retelling the story of Moses and the Bull rushes using finger puppets and props.


Knowledge: retell and suggest meanings to some religious and moral stories.

Skills:  understand there are rules to guide a Jew in their lives.

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Year 2 RE - Judaism

Image of Year 2 RE - Judaism

Knowledge: Know how the artefacts we have used in this unit are used by Jews in their weekly lives and for special celebrations.

Skills: Ask and respond to questions about what communities do and why; identify what difference belonging to a community might make.

Vocabulary: Shabbat,…

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Y2 Remembrance Day (R.E)

Image of Y2 Remembrance Day (R.E)

Here are Cody, Lily and Harsith with their completed Poppies.  

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We Will Remember

Image of We Will Remember

Children used different shading techniques to create our artwork as part of our Remembrance Day activities.



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Y2 R.E

Image of Y2 R.E

We have been exploring Judaism and considering the question "What do Jews believe about God?".  Brooke has shown what God means to her and is symbolised by her drawing of her family.

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