Year 4 are H20 Heroes!

Image of Year 4 are H20 Heroes!

Children in Year 4 have participated in a Water Aware workshop this week.    

The children have explored the world of water and where it comes from.  Children have learnt about the water cycle, calculated how much water they use each day and how they can save water at home and at school and…

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Which liquid is the runniest?

Image of Which liquid is the runniest?

Children in Year 4 have been exploring the viscosity of different liquids.  We discovered that viscosity means how thick a liquid is.  



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The water cycle

Image of The water cycle

Have you ever wanted to save money?


Year 3 enjoyed a visit from United Utilities today and it was fascinating.

We learned all about the water cycle to begin with. 

Then we learned just how much water we waste during our daily routines and it is staggering! 

Importantly, we also…

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Y2 Science

Image of Y2 Science

Year 2 have been investigating why some foods are gassy. They performed a simple test in small groups using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to recreate the chemical reactions that occur in our stomachs when we eat certain foods.


Knowledge: Describe the importance for humans of…

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Making Butter - Observation over time

Image of Making Butter - Observation over time

Children in Year 4 have been exploring how by adding energy to particles we can change something from a liquid to a solid. 

The children turned double cream into butter - it was yummy on crackers! 


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Y4 Computing - Branching Databases

Image of Y4 Computing - Branching Databases

Children in Year 4 have been learning how to ask and answer YES and NO questions to be able to construct Branching Databases  

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Plant life

Image of Plant life

Well we have been observing our plants in action. In week 2 the plant in 2cm soil was in the lead, but now in week 3 the plant with 3cm soil has taken he lead.  So with one week to go it is all getting very exciting!

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Year 3 science

Image of Year 3 science

Year 3 are working scientifically observing plants growing in three different conditions over a month.

The growth this week has been incredible as you can see!

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Ice Cup - Observation over Time

Image of Ice Cup - Observation over Time

Children in Year 4 have been observing the processes of evaporation and condensation.  

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Sound and Distance

Image of Sound and Distance

Children have been exploring the relationship between Volume and Distance.  They have graphed their results.


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Sorting rocks

Image of Sorting rocks

Happy New Year


Year 3 prepare for the Stone Age by classifying different types of rocks.


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Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

Image of Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

Today, in Science, we looked at our own teeth and then created our own scientific models using marshmallows.  Children then labelled the type of teeth and stated what the function of each. 


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