Whole School Vocabulary Focus

Each class has been promoting and developing our pupils' knowledge and understanding of new vocabulary.  In Literacy, pupils have explored tier 1, 2 and 3 words linked to their topic, Read, Write Inc. or Pathways to Write.  In other subject areas such as Geography and IT, pupils are investigating…

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PSHE - Families

Image of PSHE - Families

Year 2 have been exploring the theme of "families" and have been describing what people might look like if they are feeling: angry, scared, upset, worried.  Pupils have also been identifying ways of responding to this by either offering help or giving them space.

Knowledge: To recognise how…

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Our Learning Boards

Image of Our Learning Boards

In another small step forward in improving our school (perhaps more of a tweak really), today we introduced our mobile ‘Learning Boards’ for every class from Year 1 to Year 6.  These will help our teachers make it really clear what new knowledge, skills and vocab we intend to learn or practise in…

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Father Christmas visit

Image of Father Christmas visit

Year 2 have had a visit from a very special visitor today - Father Christmas!

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Image of Y2 -PHSE

Year 2 have been exploring the importance of their family and can explain what a family is.


Knowledge: I understand that families look after us and I know some words to describe how people are related.

Skills: I can understand that families offer love, care and support.

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Y2 Computing

Image of Y2 Computing

Year 2 have been using Espresso Coding to enable objects to carry out actions such "move up, down, across to the left or right".  We were able to log on using our own user names and passwords.

Knowledge: I can use logical reasoning to predict the outcome of simple programs

Skills: I can…

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School disco

Image of School disco


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School disco

Image of School disco

Our school disco 30.11.2022

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Y2 - Exploring Material Strength

Image of Y2 - Exploring Material Strength

Year 2 are investigating how strong eggshells are by testing the amount of weight they can carry.

Knowledge:  Identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses.

Skills:  I can…

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Y2 - Subtraction

Image of Y2 - Subtraction

Pupils have been learning how to use Diennes to exchange tens for ones.

Knowledge: Pupils can subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number crossing the tens barrier.

Skills: to use Base 10 effectively in order to exchange the tens for ones.

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Y2 Reading for Pleasure

Image of Y2 Reading for Pleasure

Eleithia is sharing her favourite book "Billy's Mini Monsters" with the class.  She has chosen a page that most interests her and is explaining who the main characters are.

Knowledge: knows how to read most words accurately without overt blending and sufficiently fluently to allow them to focus…

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Y2 - Science

Image of Y2 - Science

Year 2 have been investigating how germs spread through skin contact.


Knowledge:  I know that when we come into contact with other people, we can pass germs on.

Skills: I can say why it's important to be hygienic.

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