Science Year 3

Image of Science Year 3

This beautiful weather makes it the perfect time to investigate shadow!

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Voting underway in the Year 3 polling booth

Image of Voting underway in the Year 3 polling booth

In PHSE we have been learning

what it is like to be a citizen of Great Britain

and how the democratic process works.

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Year 3 PHSE

Image of Year 3 PHSE

In online safety we have been thinking about what online communities we are part of and the pros and cons of being in an online community. 

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Image of R E

Year 3 have been looking at God and why some people have a faith. 

We wrote a few questions to God while we were at it as well.

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Reader of the Week

Image of Reader of the Week

Well done to all our very worthy winners of the Reader of the Week certificate.

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Farewell cricket. Bring on the Ashes!

Image of Farewell cricket. Bring on the Ashes!

We have had a fantastic time during the Summer term learning how to play cricket.

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The World is a Fascinating Place

Image of The World is a Fascinating Place

In year 3 geography we have been comparing

what different regions from England, Spain

and the United States of America are like.

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Taste of the USA

Image of Taste of the USA

Our wonderful cook created the taste of Great Britain and the USA for us today.


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Ice Cream Anyone?

Image of Ice Cream Anyone?

Year 3 are getting ready for their travels and learning

 in Spanish how to ask for different flavours

of ice cream.

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Design and technology

Image of Design and technology

Year 3 have designing and making castles in Design and Technology.

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Coronation Year 3

Image of Coronation Year 3

Year 3 have been writing about our new Monarch and making castles fit for a Monarch in DT.

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Outdoor literacy

Image of Outdoor literacy

Year 3 use how they feel outside to add realism to their writing. 

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