It's a dog's life

Image of It's a dog's life

Year 3 had a visit from the dog trust and learned all about how to be around dogs safely.

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Roman History

Image of Roman History

Year 3 enjoyed their day learning about the Romans and Roman Chester.

We found out about why the Romans invaded and why the Roman army was so successful. 

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Year 3 Big Art!

Year 3 turned their small individual 3d sculptures into large ones!
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Year 3 Art

Image of Year 3 Art

Year 3 have been examining artists who make 3D sculptures and were inspired to create our own.

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Year 3 Maths

Image of Year 3 Maths

Year 3 have been learning how to measure in mm, cm  and m.

We have also learned how to measure the perimeter.

Today we had a race to measure the length of the MUGA pitch.

Did you know the world record for the long jump is 8m and 96 cm?


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Year 3 Interactive Presentations

Image of Year 3 Interactive Presentations

Year 3 have been creating PowerPoints in computing to present information about animals from Antarctica.

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Year 3

Image of Year 3

Year 3 have been writing their own version of Stone Age Boy in literacy.

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Year 3 Geography

Image of Year 3 Geography

In Geography we have learned about Ernest Shackleton. In addition to this, we have learned the eight compass points and planned our own routes round the school to follow. Fortunately we didn't run into ice like poor Mr Shackleton!

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Coding D T

Image of Coding D T

In Design and Technology Year 3 have been using their coding skills to create a safety device that can be seen in the dark.

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Friction in Y3

Image of Friction in Y3

Year 3 have been learning that the smoother the surface, the less friction occurs.


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Thank You

Image of Thank You

Year 3 practised their ICT skills in literacy today and wrote thank you letters to Father Antony Dutton for hosting our class at St John's Church yesterday.

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Y3 Visit to St John's Church

Image of Y3 Visit to St John's Church

Year 3 went to St John the Evangelist to learn about sacred texts and the Bible.

Even Mr Orme got in on the action!

Many thanks to Father Antony for a very special visit to church this afternoon.


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