Reader of the Week

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Here are our very worthy winners of the Reader of the Week certificate.  Well done everyone!

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Year 3 Music

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I don't like cricket. I love it!

Image of I don't like cricket. I love it!


Here comes the Summer with bat on ball and leather on willow!

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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter. Thank you for raising so much money for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. 

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Year 3 orienteering

Image of Year 3 orienteering

Year 3 orienteering.

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Year 3 Online safety

Image of Year 3 Online safety

In Year 3 we have been learning how to send and receive emails safely.

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Year 3 ICT

Image of Year 3 ICT

Year 3 have  been learning how to save their word documents.

We researched about a variety of famous artists and saved our

work multiple times using 'save as' and 'save'. 

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Year 3 maths

Image of Year 3 maths

Year 3 have learning all about fractions of whole numbers this term. We have been using lots of manipulatives and practical resources to help us understand.

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Year 3 science

Image of Year 3 science

Year 3 are learning all about plant life this term.

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What do you know about Blue Whales?

Image of What do you know about Blue Whales?

Year 3 have been learning how to write factual texts through researching all about Blue Whales.

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Art from around Europe

Image of Art from around Europe

Year 3 used their Atlases to locate where some of the most famous artists came from. 

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Art on your doorstep

Image of Art on your doorstep

Year 3 have been locating art in and around Ellesmere Port. They then created a map of the local area to illustrate where these sculptures could be found.

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