Rudolph the Red Nose ....

Image of Rudolph the Red Nose ....

Thanks to all those who got on their antlers and raise money.

I'm sure Santa Claus knows who to call if he has trouble now

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Art and Design

Image of Art and Design

Year 3 learned the art of frottage today!

Have a look at some of our results.

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Year 3 Science - Sedimentary Dear Watson

Image of Year 3 Science - Sedimentary Dear Watson

Year 3 have been experimenting with Sedimentary rocks.

Can a rock change its mass?

It can if we add water and leave it for five minutes.

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Welcome back to the Stone Age

Image of Welcome back to the Stone Age

Year 3 learn how to survive like their ancestors from the Stone Age - give or take that marshmallow tastes much better than red deer. 

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Stone Age morning

Image of Stone Age  morning

Year 3 become archeologists for the morning as they investigate Stone Age artefacts.

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Image of Bahai

We had a lovely visit this afternoon from Helen who practises the Bahai faith.

If you don't know, Bahai is one of the newest major religions having started in the 19th century.


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Image of Rocks

Year 3 investigated the three different types of rock:

  • igneous
  • sedimentary
  • metomorphic
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Year 3 RE

Image of Year 3 RE

Year 3 have been learning about Hinduism this half term. 

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Year 3 Literacy

Image of Year 3 Literacy

Year 3 have been drafting, editing and now publishing their work on the book Seal Surfer this half term... the results of which you will see tomorrow!

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Year 3 Geography

Image of Year 3 Geography

Ever wondered why Brookside is called Brookside? Well the answer is in plain sight.Year 3 went to visit the 'brook' that meanders from Cheshire Oaks, past our school, through Rivacre Valley as it journeys on to the River Mersey. The brook is on the first available map of 1845, however everywhere…

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Bake Off

Image of Bake Off

Year 3 have been in the Bake Off tent as part of Design and Technology learning how to use seasonal fruit to make a totally tasty apple crumble. Not only is this tasty food - it is an environmentally friendly treat too!

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Power points

Image of Power points

Year 3 have been writing interactive power point presentations about where our food comes from.

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