Year 5 Online Safety - False Photography

Image of Year 5 Online Safety - False Photography


In our online safety lesson today, Year 5 looked at false photography. We discussed how online photos aren't always what they seem and how to keep safe online when looking at digitally altered photos. 


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Multiplying Fractions

Image of Multiplying Fractions



In Year 5 today, we have been building on our fraction and multiplication knowledge by combing them together to multiply fractions.

The class worked so hard and combined their subject knowledge effortlessly! Well done year 5!


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To the stars!

Image of To the stars!

In our computing sessions, we've been hard at work creating backgrounds and sprites for our space-themed game.

We had to create our own background along with creating 2 new sprites (characters), one being a lander and another being a space station with a landing pad.

We then coded simple…

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Phases of the Moon

Image of Phases of the Moon

In our science lessons, we have been looking at the phases of the moon. We learnt that one complete phase lasts 29.53 days. 

Using the knowledge we’ve gained about the phases of the moon, we carefully carved the phases into the cream of an oreo biscuit with the spoon.

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Year 5 Autumn Review

Image of Year 5 Autumn Review

This morning, Year 5 held their own assembly where they could showcase to the rest of the school along with parents and carers all the work they had done during the Autumn term.


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Year 5 - Comparing planetary sizes

Image of Year 5 - Comparing planetary sizes

In our science lesson this afternoon, Year 5 compared the sizes of the planets in our galaxy.

We looked at the order they are in along with how long each planet takes to orbit around the sun.

We used various fruits to show the scale of each planet compared to each…

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Down Syndrome Awareness

Image of Down Syndrome Awareness

We have had a informative and interactive assembly from Steve at Down Syndrome Cheshire this morning.  He explained all about World Down Syndrome Day and how we can support it. 


World Down Syndrome Day is 21st March each year.


To raise awareness, children are invited to come to…

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To the Moon and Mars!

Image of To the Moon and Mars!

This morning Year 5 joined schools around the world on Mars Day. We joined a live stream where we learned about NASA and the ESA's efforts to send humans back to the moon and onto Mars.

We looked at what sort of professions astronauts come from, the type of rockets we need to travel amongst…

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Reader of the Week

Image of Reader of the Week
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Reciprocal Readers

Image of Reciprocal Readers

Here are Florence and Aryssa being guided in a Reciprocal Reading session with Katharine O'Neill, Head of English at Liverpool Hope University.

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Reader of the Week 13.2.23

Image of Reader of the Week 13.2.23

Congratulations to our very worthy winners of the Reader of the Week certificate.

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Y5 E-Safety - Strong Passwords

Image of Y5 E-Safety - Strong Passwords

Today in Year 5, we looked at why it's essential to have strong passwords for our online accounts.

We were shown the most common passwords people use, why people should not use a password that is easy to guess, and the possible consequences of someone guessing these passwords.

We then had to…

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