Our Learning Boards

Image of Our Learning Boards

In another small step forward in improving our school (perhaps more of a tweak really), today we introduced our mobile ‘Learning Boards’ for every class from Year 1 to Year 6.  These will help our teachers make it really clear what new knowledge, skills and vocab we intend to learn or practise in…

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Year 5 Music ‘Shosholoza’.

Image of Year 5 Music ‘Shosholoza’.

In Music, Year 5 have been looking at South African music. We've been singing a capella and playing instruments along to the song ‘Shosholoza’, which is a song from those who speak Xhosa.

We've learnt that songs sung in other languages can contain sounds that are unfamiliar to us, like the…

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Year 5 Computing

Image of Year 5 Computing

Year 5's latest computing lesson explored random number simulation through coding.

Year 5 coded 2 characters' movements and created a scoreboard. If they found any issues, the class could debug their code and get the program to run again smoothly.


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Story Time

Image of Story Time

Year 3 and 5 have finished their stories just in time for Christmas.

Today we shared our stories with each other.

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Christmas Sports

Image of Christmas Sports

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 participated in a Christmas Sports Festival with other local primary schools.  Children were encouraged to try new sports including archery, table-tennis and boccia.

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Year 5 Art - Everyday Amazing!

Image of Year 5 Art - Everyday Amazing!

In art today, Year 5 explored everyday objects to create an installation. They considered how ordinary spaces can be transformed and tried alternative solutions as they constructed their artwork.

Fantastic Year 5!

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Year 5 Art Installations

Image of Year 5 Art Installations

In art, Year 5 have been learning about the installation work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang; considering his display of space and scale of an artwork.

Year 5 were tasked with creating a scaled-down version of an installation similar to Guo-Qiang’s gunpowder drawings. The class used paint, glue and…

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Year 5 Science - Worm Farm

Image of Year 5 Science - Worm Farm

In our science lessons, Year 5 created an artificial habitat to study worms. We observed the worms for several weeks. At the end of our observations we could see how the worms were able to have a healthy life, growing in mass.

In one of our habitats, there were even offspring.


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Y5 - Internet Safety - Sites to Cite

Image of Y5 - Internet Safety - Sites to Cite

In Year 5 this afternoon, we looked at how we should cite websites in our work.

We learnt about plagiarism, sources and bibliographies.  

Well done Year 5!

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Year 5 - Worm Charmers

Image of Year 5 - Worm Charmers

As part of our science topic this half term, 'Animal Life Cycles and Reproduction', Year 5 were tasked with charming worms to allow them to study their growth.

Year 5 had to get the worms to the surface to allow them to collect them carefully. They did this by placing a large stick in the soil…

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Y5 - URENCO Workshop - Seperating Materials

Image of Y5 - URENCO Workshop - Seperating Materials

This morning, Year 5 had Martin from URENCO visit us. Martin gave the class a separating materials workshop.

Pupils took part in various activities. Pupils were comparing different substances and seeing how they themselves could separate materials using centrifugal force.

The class…

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Year 5 Coding - Faster and Slower.

Image of Year 5 Coding - Faster and Slower.

In our computing lessons this week, Year 5 have been looking at how to code an object to move faster and slower.


Year 5 had to code commands for a car when a button was clicked. The class were also able to make a car go at various speeds after coding commands.


Fantastic work Year…

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