Year 5 Coding - Faster and Slower.

Image of Year 5 Coding - Faster and Slower.

In our computing lessons this week, Year 5 have been looking at how to code an object to move faster and slower.


Year 5 had to code commands for a car when a button was clicked. The class were also able to make a car go at various speeds after coding commands.


Fantastic work Year…

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Times Table Rockstars

Image of Times Table Rockstars

Well done Brookside for making such a fabulous effort at practising your times tables using our new online learning tool: Times Table Rockstars!  Thanks to these two rockers, Mr Gambles and Mr Whitcombe for a special performance!


We have competed against each other and have received lots…

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Year 5 Visit to River Park

Image of Year 5 Visit to River Park

As part of our topic for this term, 'The World Is Our Oyster', we visited River Park in Bromborough.

Whilst there, we used Ordnance Survey maps to help us locate our postition in an outdoor setting. We also used the maps to help spot landmarks from the surrounding area

We also used fieldwork…

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Y5 - Creating a blog

Image of Y5 - Creating a blog

This morning in Year 5, we learnt how to create blog posts.

We created a blog post about the Grampian Mountains located in Scotland. 

We learnt how to input images we have saved off the internet into our blog along with creating hyperlinks which will take readers to another website. Year 5…

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Y5 Cyber Bullying

Image of Y5 Cyber Bullying

On Tuesday, Year 5 had a discussion around staying safe online.

We looked at how we can deal with cyber bullying and what we should do if we see it happening.

We also spoke about the impact it can have on the victim, and how it can be just as harmful as 'in-person'…

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Y5 - Comparing Mountain Ranges

Image of Y5 - Comparing Mountain Ranges

Today in Year 5, we've been comparing the Grampian Mountain Range in Scotland to that of the Rocky Mountain Range in North America. Pupils researched the amount of peaks each range had, average rainfall along with average temperatures.


Year 5 also had to use online tools to help convert…

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Story time

Image of Story time

Story time in Year 3 and 5

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Y5 Computing

Image of Y5 Computing

Y5 have applied their knowledge of the Mayan Civilisation to develop skills of internet research.

We used search technologies effectively, appreciating how results are selected and ranked.

We know that key words help to refine our searches.  


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Science STEAM Workshops - The Boat Museum - Ellesmere Port

Image of Science STEAM Workshops - The Boat Museum - Ellesmere Port

Well done to Year 5 and Year 6 for attending a very successful and interesting collection of workshops held at the Boat Museum last week. There were many workshops ranging from computers, geography, science, design and technology and many more! Have a look at some of our pictures below!

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Football Winners

Image of Football Winners

Well Done to the children in Year 5 and Year 6 who won their first match of 2020 against Whitby Heath Primary on Tuesday. 

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WOW Learning Logs

Image of WOW Learning Logs

Amazing Learning Log Space returned to Year 5 this week. 

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Year 5 visit Safety Central

Image of Year 5 visit Safety Central

Year 5 had a super learning day at Safety Central yesterday. The children participated in 12 different activities teaching them how to keep safe in different environments and situations.

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