Screen time for children in reception

Image of Screen time for children in reception


The World Health Organization (WHO) have reported that children under five should spend less time sitting looking at screens, and more time being physically active to grow up healthy. Children develop very quickly in early childhood, so it’s important they’re encouraged to live…

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Year 1 Online safety

Image of Year 1 Online safety
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Year 3 Online safety

Image of Year 3 Online safety

In Year 3 we have been learning how to send and receive emails safely.

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Year 5 Online Safety - False Photography

Image of Year 5 Online Safety - False Photography


In our online safety lesson today, Year 5 looked at false photography. We discussed how online photos aren't always what they seem and how to keep safe online when looking at digitally altered photos. 


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Year 3 ICT

Image of Year 3 ICT

Year 3 have  been learning how to save their word documents.

We researched about a variety of famous artists and saved our

work multiple times using 'save as' and 'save'. 

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To the stars!

Image of To the stars!

In our computing sessions, we've been hard at work creating backgrounds and sprites for our space-themed game.

We had to create our own background along with creating 2 new sprites (characters), one being a lander and another being a space station with a landing pad.

We then coded simple…

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Y6 Water Cycle Animations

Image of Y6 Water Cycle Animations

KNOWLEDGE: We created an animation that demonstrates the water cycle.

SKILLS: We used the internet to learn about the water cycle, navigating between and evaluating a range of websites.

VOCABULARY: Animation, Transition, Import background, copy frame

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Coding - Variables

Image of Coding - Variables

This half term in Year 4, we've been looking at variables within our computing lessons. 

What is a variable? In programming, a variable is a value that can change, depending on conditions or on information passed to the program. 

We've been creating apps where when our character hits an…

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Y1 Digital literacy

Image of Y1 Digital literacy

Creating a fact file using the keyboard and inserting pictures from the internet. 

In geography we have been finding out about Antarctica. 

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Y1 online safety

Image of Y1 online safety
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Y6 Chatting Online - Personal Information

Image of Y6 Chatting Online - Personal Information

This week, Y6 have discussed what personal information we should or should not share online.

For example, is it okay to share our favourite hobby with people online? What about our home address or which school we go to?

Chatting online can be fun but we must ensure we keep ourselves…

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Y5 E-Safety - Strong Passwords

Image of Y5 E-Safety - Strong Passwords

Today in Year 5, we looked at why it's essential to have strong passwords for our online accounts.

We were shown the most common passwords people use, why people should not use a password that is easy to guess, and the possible consequences of someone guessing these passwords.

We then had to…

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