Grouping Objects

Image of Grouping Objects

As part of our new Science learning, children have been grouping and sorting buttons and play animals. The children then created Venn diagrams and Carroll Diagrams.  A very Science and Maths afternoon! 

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Year 1 Maths

Image of Year 1 Maths
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Multiplying Fractions

Image of Multiplying Fractions



In Year 5 today, we have been building on our fraction and multiplication knowledge by combing them together to multiply fractions.

The class worked so hard and combined their subject knowledge effortlessly! Well done year 5!


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Year 3 maths

Image of Year 3 maths

Year 3 have learning all about fractions of whole numbers this term. We have been using lots of manipulatives and practical resources to help us understand.

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Year 2 Maths - Measuring in grams and kilograms

Image of Year 2 Maths - Measuring in grams and kilograms

Year 2 have used balances to explore how to measure mass in grams and kilograms.

Knowledge: to use standard units of measure for mass.

Skills: to use a balance accurately.

Vocab: balance, measure, grams, kilograms. pans, mass, object

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Adding Fractions

Image of Adding Fractions

This morning, children in Year 4 have been using Numicon to support their understanding of adding fractions. 



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Nursery - Using Toy Figures for Counting

Image of Nursery - Using Toy Figures for Counting
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D&T: Y6 Playgrounds

Image of D&T: Y6 Playgrounds

Y6 were faced with a Design and Technology challenge: to design and make their very own playground!

They had to:

  • Create five apparatus designs, applying the design criteria to their work.
  • Make suitable changes to their work after peer evaluation.
  • Make roughly three different…
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Year 1 Maths : Comparing lengths and heights

Image of Year 1 Maths : Comparing lengths and heights

In year 1 we are beginning to compare the length and height of different objects. We brainstormed all the words we could use to compare lengths and heights. 

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Reception Maths

Image of Reception Maths
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EYFS Pupil voice

Image of EYFS Pupil voice
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Multiplication Year 3

Image of Multiplication Year 3

Year 3 use manipulatives to multiply.

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