Year 2 Maths

Image of Year 2 Maths

Year 2 have been learning what a fraction is and how to find halves and quarters of shapes.

Knowledge :to identify 1/4, 1/3, 2/4 and 3/4 of a shape and know that all parts must be equal parts of a whole

Skills: to understand the difference between equal and unequal parts

Vocab: fraction.…

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Year 1 Maths

Image of Year 1 Maths
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Year 1 Maths

Image of Year 1 Maths
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Year 2 - Maths and Measure

Image of Year 2 - Maths and Measure

Year 2 have been exploring the language of measure and comparing different lengths.  They have then used a standard measure (ruler) to draw lines of varying lengths.


Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure to the nearest appropriate unit, using…

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Y4 Fractions

Image of Y4 Fractions

Year 4 children have been revisiting previous learning of Fractions.  

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Y6 STEAM Festival

Image of Y6 STEAM Festival

We journeyed out of school to the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.  We had lots of fun and lots of learning in our workshops today including:


  • Magic of Chemistry
  • Detective Science
  • Road Markings
  • Busy Bees




Well done all!


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Year 5 STEAM Festival

Image of Year 5 STEAM Festival

Year 5 visited the National Waterways Museum to take part in a STEAM Festival. Pupils took part in several workshops including being crime scene detectives, building sprites for a game and then creating their own ideas for drones.


Brilliant work Year 5!

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Year 3 Maths

Image of Year 3 Maths

Year 3 have been learning how to measure in mm, cm  and m.

We have also learned how to measure the perimeter.

Today we had a race to measure the length of the MUGA pitch.

Did you know the world record for the long jump is 8m and 96 cm?


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Year 1 Maths Place Value to 20

Image of Year 1 Maths Place Value to 20
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Y6 Maths Competition

Image of Y6 Maths Competition

Well done to our fabulous Year 6 mathematicians who represented themselves and our school impeccably well today at the local maths competition. Lots of puzzles and questions to navigate as a team - we are very proud of you!

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Year 1 Maths

Image of Year 1 Maths
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Y6 Fractions

Image of Y6 Fractions

Some practical Y6 Maths Fraction work!


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