Sound and Distance

Image of Sound and Distance

Children have been exploring the relationship between Volume and Distance.  They have graphed their results.


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Reception- Baking gingerbread men

Image of Reception- Baking gingerbread men

This week we had a special delivery. Upon investigation, we found a basket full of cooking equipment and ingredients and a recipe card to make Gingerbread men. We carefully read the instructions and measured out all the ingredients to make our tasty biscuits. 


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Y4 Maths - Adding 4 digit numbers

Image of Y4 Maths - Adding 4 digit numbers

Year 4 have been using playing cards, dice, counters and bingo to generate their addition own calculations. 

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Y4 - Designing and Making a Labyrinth

Image of Y4 - Designing and Making a Labyrinth

Children in Year 4 read the story of Theseus and the Minotaur before design their own maze.  The children practised their measurements and cutting skills, as well developing their teamwork skills.


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Y4 Ancient Greek Maths

Image of Y4 Ancient Greek Maths

The Platonic shapes are made up from regular polygons.  Year 4 have been exploring the number of faces, number of edges and number of vertices. 


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EYFS- Repeated patterns

Image of EYFS- Repeated patterns

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Y4 Maths Orienteering

Image of Y4 Maths Orienteering

Year 4 completed a Number and Place Value Orienteering course around the garden.   

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Cooking with Maths

Image of Cooking with Maths

Fun Cooking in Maths activities for you to try at home. 



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Numbers Numbers

Image of Numbers Numbers

This week Year 1 are learning how to write their numbers to 20 in words. We had a race today to see which teams could order their numbers 1-20 then match the correct number with the correct word. Well done Year 1. You smashed it.


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Maths, Maths, Maths

Image of Maths, Maths, Maths

Well Done to Holly, Logan, Louie and Tyra who are representing Brookside this afternoon in the Inter -Schools Maths Quiz.  

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Big Maths

Image of Big Maths

Children in Year 6 have had a fun afternoon completing Big Maths Challenges at Whitby High School.

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