Humanism Speaker

Image of Humanism Speaker

This afternoon, Mr Brassington from Humanism UK came into class to build on the children's knowledge and understanding of Humanism.  The children asked some great questions and gave some very detailed answers.

Well Done Year 4! 

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Y2 - Trip to Ewloe Castle

Image of Y2 - Trip to Ewloe Castle

Year 2 have enjoyed visiting Ewloe Castle today as part of their history topic Kings and Queens.  They learned all about the features of a stone keep castle which has been built on a motte with a bailey.



To identify features of a castle that would be effective when defending…

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Year 3 Geography

Image of Year 3 Geography

Year 3 undertook some field work in Chester last week to understand how the river is used in the middle part of its journey towards the sea. 

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Y6 Online Safety

Image of Y6 Online Safety

We have been looking at how to be SMART online:

We made some eye-catching posters to spread the word!

S - Safe

M - Meeting

A - Accepting

R - Reliable

T - Tell


These days it is more important than ever to keep parents/carers/trusted adults informed as to our online…

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Year 3 online safety

Image of Year 3 online safety

Year 3 have been learning all about communities, in particular online communities.

We have thought about the positives and negatives that such communities provide. 

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Year 5's day at Chester Zoo

Image of Year 5's day at Chester Zoo

On Friday, Year 5 had a fantastic day at Chester Zoo!

Children got to explore plenty of exhibits as we went through the zoo. We caught glimpses of resting snow leopards and we observed young giraffes with their mothers. Earlier on in the day, we could hear the bellows of a lion echo through the…

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Y6 SATS Week

Image of Y6 SATS Week

Well done Y6 for a brilliant effort this week for SATS week!


You had 100% attendance and 100% positive attitude and commitment to do your best - well done each and every one of you!


We enjoyed a Teacher v Y6 Pupil football match as a reward and look forward to a special lunch to…

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Year 5 Online Safety

Image of Year 5 Online Safety

This half term, Year 5 have worked together to create their own stories about how to stay safe online.

They've pulled together from class discussions, real-world situations and previous safety lessons to help plan fantastic stories.

Well done Year 5!

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Y2 - Online Safety

Image of Y2 - Online Safety

Year 2 have been looking at how to be kind online.  They have explored different scenarios and discussed the importance of telling a responsible adult if they feel uncomfortable online.

Knowledge: Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school.


Skills: I can identify…

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Safety Seymour

Image of Safety Seymour

Year 3 received a visit from Safety Seymour, a superhero bear from outer space on a mission to teach children and their families about carbon monoxide (CO) and how to protect ourselves, making homes safer.  

Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous and can make you very ill. You can’t see it, hear…

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Year 2 - Dog's Trust Workshop

Image of Year 2 - Dog's Trust Workshop

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from the Dog's Trust.  They were involved in a half hour workshop, learning all about the five rules of keeping safe around dogs.

Knowledge: identifying: how to keep ourselves safe around dogs.

Skills: to learn the five rules of keeping ourselves safe around…

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Year 1 dance festival

Image of Year 1 dance festival
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