4-digit Addition

Image of 4-digit Addition

Children in Year 4 have been developing their understanding of 'exchanging' in column addition by using place value counters. 

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Computing - Onion Skinning Animation

Image of Computing - Onion Skinning Animation

Children in Year 4 have been using onion skinning to help make small changes between frames in animation.  

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Art - Drawing with Scissors

Image of Art - Drawing with Scissors

Children have used the work of Henri Matisse (The Circus) as inspiration to complete their own 'Drawing with Scissors' art work.  Children had to use scissors with precision as well as make decisions about how to place drawn elements in their art composition.

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Online Safety: CyberBullying

Image of Online Safety: CyberBullying

As part of our Online Safety learning, children in Year 4 have been thinking about how online messages can be hurtful.  The children have been exploring how they should respond to a hurtful message.  

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Can a picture move?

Image of Can a picture move?

As an introduction to our Computing unit, the children in Year 4 have been learning about simple animation techniques and have created their own animations in the style of flip books using sticky notes. 

Key Vocabulary: animation, flipbook


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Building Frame Structures

Image of Building Frame Structures

Children in Year 4 have started to build their frame structures following their design criteria and plan.  The children had to work as a team or pair to construct the pavillion. 

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Tri Golf

Image of Tri Golf
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Disgusting Digestion

Image of Disgusting Digestion

Children in Year 4 have been exploring the Human Digestive System. 

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Sports Day

Image of Sports Day
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Music Squad Workshop

Image of Music Squad Workshop

Year 4 were very lucky to participate in a musical keyboard lesson with Hannah from Music Squad.  The children had a great time keeping the pulse, playing different keys on the keyboard and singing in tune to a Toy Story Favourite, 'You've Got A Friend In Me!'. 

Hopefully. Music Squad will be…

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Sports for Champions

Image of Sports for Champions
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Burwardsley 2023

Image of Burwardsley 2023

Year 4 have had the most amazing 2 day residential at Burwardsley Outdoor Education Centre. 

The children completed a variety of different activities (orienteering, pond dipping, survival skills, den building, and toasting marshmallows) in order to build up their life skills and…

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