Image of Inclusion

Year 3 have been learning about discrimination and how important it is to be inclusive.

No one should be left out just for being themselves.

We have drawn posters to encourage inclusiveness.

All are welcome.

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Art, drawing and collage.

Image of Art, drawing and collage.
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Music Year 3

Image of Music Year 3

Year 3 have been learning about high and low pitch sounds

and long and short notes in music. 

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The water cycle

Image of The water cycle

Have you ever wanted to save money?


Year 3 enjoyed a visit from United Utilities today and it was fascinating.

We learned all about the water cycle to begin with. 

Then we learned just how much water we waste during our daily routines and it is staggering! 

Importantly, we also…

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Image of Coding

As part of our computing curriculum

we are learning to code using conditional agreements.

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Geography at The River Dee

Image of Geography at The River Dee

Following last weeks trip to see the mouth of The River Mersey, we visited the middle stage of the River Dee at beautiful Chester. As you can see we did a little more than feed the ducks as wee set out identify what was natural and man made and how the river is used in comparison with the River…

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Year 3 trip to the Mouth of the River Mersey

Image of Year 3 trip to the Mouth of the River Mersey

Year 3 have had two great days out visiting the mouth of The River Mersey. 

We have looked at the natural features in and out of the river and how the manmade 

structures have changed the land over time. 


Stay tuned next week for our visit to the banks of the River…

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Ancient Egypt

Image of Ancient Egypt

Artistic Egyptians  in Year 3 get creative.

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water, water everywhere but

Image of water, water everywhere but

As the temperatures rise what a perfect day for a lesson on water capacity!

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Scroll me over

Image of Scroll me over

Ancient Egypt comes to Brookside as year 3 discover

the ancient art of making papyrus paper.

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Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Image of Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Year 3 used their ICT skills to demonstrate

what they know about the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

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Image of Journey

Year 3 have written some sensational stories based on the book


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